Our Deck Restoration Services Target These Problematic Areas

If you’re like most homeowners in Massachusetts, you spend countless hours on your deck during the summer months soaking up the sun’s invigorating rays. But that sunlight, along with moisture, foot traffic, and wood-boring pests can take a toll on your once beautiful deck. Warped, cracked, split, cupped and loose boards combine to create a sinister recipe for injurious falls. At Seal-a-Deck, our reliable deck check-up and restoration services are designed to target several problematic deck areas before a disaster strikes, starting with these.

Versatile Deck Post Attachment and Post Cap Designs

Choosing unique, creative accents when renovating an existing deck can completely transform the deck’s design. Decorative details like the post caps, anchor brackets, and trim of an outdoor deck establish its design style. New post caps and skirting are a deck upgrade that adds curb appeal and rich architectural detail. Incorporate these decorative elements into your deck design to coordinate with your home’s architectural style.

How Deck Lighting Improves Your Stairs’ Safety and Aesthetics

Good lighting design adds ambiance to your outdoor entertaining areas, highlighting architectural details and foliage. It also increases your home’s curb appeal – 85% of home buyers placed exterior lighting on their list of most wanted outdoor features in 2019. Your deck is one of the most important exterior features of your home; it increases your living area, adds extra space for entertaining, and provides an attractive spot to spend time outdoors. Of course, you’ll want to make sure your deck stairs are attractive and safe as well.

Classic Signs That Your Deck Railings Need Replacing

Every year in Massachusetts, news stories inform us about people who are needlessly injured when aging deck railings give way while they’re leaning on them. As a result, many sustain life-threatening injuries and some victims, unfortunately, die. If you’re a homeowner with an aging wood deck, those stories are certainly concerning. And, your deck’s tired old railings and balusters will also lower your home’s curb appeal. Fortunately, there are several classic signs to look for when your deck railings need repairs, starting with these from the Seal-a-Deck team.

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