How Moisture Can Damage a Deck

While it’s unavoidable, moisture can and will do damage to a deck. It doesn’t happen overnight, but the constant exposure to the elements will take a toll over time. As a puddle sits on a deck board, the water is seeping in. Although the puddle will be dried up in a matter of hours, at least some of the moisture will have found its way into the wood. There are some simple steps that you can take to protect your deck from the elements.

Tips to Protect Your Deck During Winter

When the weather is nice, your deck is the perfect place to relax. However, over the winter, it can be easy to overlook this important outdoor living area. With proper prevention and careful snow removal, you can reduce winter weather damage to the deck from snow and freezing temperatures. Here are the essential tips to help you keep your deck protected from the elements during those cold and snowy months:

Expecting A Full House this Holiday Season? Warm your Deck with Heaters!

Turn your beautiful deck into a respite from a busy house with patio heaters. Our guide will go into some Frequently Asked Questions about patio heaters so you can be informed when you make your choice.

Deck Skirting Options that Add Safety and Style

Deck skirting is used to conceal the area underneath an elevated deck. It’s installed along the support posts using a nailer board and the deck frame. While it isn’t essential to the structural integrity of the deck, it does offer some important benefits, including enhanced safety and style.

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Deck Maintenance Plans

Service plans that keep your deck protected.

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