Why You Should Be Glad You Treated Your Deck This Past Year

When it comes to maintaining your wood deck and preparing it for the cold New England winter, a treatment service is like your insurance policy. Treating your deck helps it to withstand any excessive snow and ice, just like the kind we see every year. SEAL-A-DECK wants to work with you year-round to keep your deck in its best condition. If you have had a wood deck treatment this year you’ll be glad to know that you are prepared and can most likely avoid these disastrous issues.

Safety First

If you’ve had a deck treatment this past year that also means you’ve had a thorough inspection with repairs. Your proactive stance of caring for your deck will matter most when Mother Nature brings snowstorms this winter. Prior to your treatment, a SEAL-A-DECK expert will evaluate your deck level of wear and will choose the appropriate level of service. Even the most splintered and decayed areas of your deck can be repaired during this service. Having these issues addressed prior to the freezing weather means that you are significantly reducing the safety hazards for your family throughout the year. If you have had decking treatment this past year, your outdoor living space is in good shape to withstand the cold and your family can feel safe throughout the season.

Freeze-Thaw Damage

Just like any porous material, the freeze-thaw cycle can wreak havoc on your wood deck. The collection of water in your wood means that as the temperature fluctuates, your deck will expand and contract. The more water that’s able to penetrate the surface, the more movement will occur. A decking treatment is a way to clean, condition, and seal off your wood so that it can protect itself from ice. Your deck will have been built with spacing to accommodate this movement, but even the most expertly executed construction will fail if not properly cared for. If you have had your decking treatments as suggested, you can feel comfort in knowing that ice and snow will not cause massive shifts in the wood decking.

Maintaining the Good

The great thing about decks is that you can use them even throughout the winter months with the installation of appropriate covers and heating features. Treatment will allow your deck to be a peaceful oasis for you even in the freezing temperatures. Cleaning, conditioning, and sealing your wood helps it to maintain its durability and beauty (even if it will be covered underneath snow). This process helps you to be able to enjoy your deck as soon as it thaws in the springtime as well. You won’t have to fret about what you might find come time for warmer weather.

Get Expert Advice

If it is not actively snowing, a SEAL-A-DECK pro can help you get treatment before the worst of the winter arrives. We will complete a thorough inspection and recommend services that will make certain that your deck makes it through the New England winter. Give us a call today at 877-SEALADECK for a free estimate.

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