Why Our Redecking Formula Can Help You This Winter

Although the term redecking may sound like you’re getting a completely new deck, SEAL-A-DECK wants to help you understand what you are getting when your contractor suggests this service. When you redeck, you are preserving the substructure of your current wooden deck. This area is usually protected and sheltered from most environmental conditions, but even the parts you cannot see need professional attention from time to time.

Our Redecking Formula

Not every deck is going to be acceptable for redecking. We know that your deck goes through a lot in the New England weather and sometimes total replacement is a better option. The SEAL-A-DECK technicians follow strict guidelines for determining the condition of your structure and we will look at the following areas to help make our determination:

If constructed well and not with any of the above issues, we can redeck in order to preserve your good condition. Redecking is all about preserving what you have rather than started brand new. Structural soundness is required for any sort of redecking since you’re not rebuilding anything, but rather preserving the usable parts. This will create a solid foundation for installing new deck boards if needed. We will use either composite or other high-quality wood when making these changes.

Repairs Before Winter

Redecking is an amazing option to help your deck make it through a harsh winter. If you have noticed any areas of disrepair you can be certain that winter weather will only exacerbate those issues. By bringing in our crew you can be sure that your foundation will be able to withstand the additional weight of snow. We suggest at the very least you should have your deck checked before winter. Our inspection will cover each component from top to bottom. Sometimes our inspection leads to redecking advice and even a total replacement recommendation. You can be guaranteed that at SEAL-A-DECK we will never upsell you, but we do want to make sure your family is safe year-round. Avoiding repairs is not the way to go, it will both be unsafe and costly once you finally address the issues. By having your deck in its best condition, you can be certain that once spring comes your deck will be ready for all of your warm weather activities.

The SEAL-A-DECK Difference

When you hire us for a redecking job, you can rest assured that you are receiving the highest quality inspection and service. Our first goal is always safety, but our craftsmanship is guaranteed to be beautiful. Maintaining the quality of your deck is very important to us and we even offer our Advantage Plan to help you keep your inspections and repairs up to date at a discount. Give us a call today at 1-877-SEALADECK for more information on repairs, redecking, and inspections across New England.


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