Deck Treatments

The pre­mi­um deck strip­pers, wood clean­ers, and wood con­di­tion­ers that we use are all biodegrad­able and eco-­friend­ly. The pen­e­trat­ing oil seal­ers that we use pro­vide opti­mal UV ray pro­tec­tion and can be cus­tom toned upon request. All deck refin­ish­ing prod­ucts are applied with care, by hand, using lamb’s wool pads and mitts. Our deck treat­ment ser­vices will help to pre­serve the new look of your deck before sun dam­age, mois­ture, and the ele­ments affect your struc­ture. Most deck treat­ment projects are com­plet­ed in just two days.

 Deck Treatments
 Deck Treatments
 Deck Treatments
Level 1

Light Wash

Recommended for

For new decks or decks less than 6 months old.

Step 1

Apply biodegradable wood cleaner, Surface wash, Apply wood conditioner, Rinse.

Step 2

Return within the week to apply one (1) coat of premium quality penetrating oil sealer to provide UV protection.


Removes mill glaze and pencil marks, stamps and labels

Level 2

Deep Clean

Recommended for

For decks more than 6 months old that are dirty, moldy, or grayed out.

Step 1

Apply biodegradeable wood cleaner, Deep wash, Apply wood brightener, Rinse.

Step 2

Return within the week to secure loose boards, perform medium sanding, and apply two (2) coats of premium quality penetrating sealer to provide UV protection.


Renews and revives dirty, moldy, or grayed out decks.

Level 3


Recommended for

For wood decks with blotchy coating, uneven surfaces, severe splintering and flaking.

Step 1

Apply biodegradable wood stripper to remove old failing coatings, Deep wash, Apply wood neutralizer and conditioner, Rinse.

Step 2

Return within the week to secure loose boards, set nails, resurface the deck with sanding equipment, and apply two (2) coats of premium quality penetrating oil sealer to provide UV protection.


Returns your deck to beautiful, like-new condition.


Com­pos­ite and PVC Decks

We rec­om­mend an annu­al Deep Clean for com­pos­ite and PVC deck­ing. We begin by sweep­ing all debris from the deck sur­face. We then use a pow­er wash­er with a high per­for­mance deck clean­ing solu­tion designed exclu­sive­ly for this type of deck to also elim­i­nate com­mon stains. Sat­is­fac­tion guaranteed!

Teak Fur­ni­ture

SEAL-A-DECK can assist with your teak fur­ni­ture main­te­nance and will cre­ate a tai­lored solu­tion for your spe­cif­ic teak wood fur­ni­ture needs.

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What Our Customers are Saying

The workmanship was really good, and I am very happy with the service.

Quy Nguyen

Good work and convenient logistics at a good price.

Jeremy England

Seal-A-Deck did an excellent job on my deck. They were responsible, friendly and skilled at their job. Everything was on-time and well done - the deck looks great.

Arnie Harris

I would need a pad of lined paper to take down all my accolades for the job that Seal-A-Deck did on my backyard deck. I have never been the recipient of a construction-restructuring job in which everything went very smoothly, and I felt taken care of at each step in the process. I appreciate that enormously. From beginning to end and even after completion, the courtesy calls, the follow up and the follow through were simply as good as it gets. The power wash and cleaning, the people performing the work, and the product at the end of the process with staining were all as close to perfect as I could have dreamed. I wish Seal-A-Deck could teach their customer service to every company out there!

Linda Brown

Seal-A-Deck did a terrific job. Their work was meticulous, they came when they said they would, they finished on time, the team was polite and professional, and most importantly, the end product looks great. I would recommend them highly.

Cai Von Rumohr

We had several pieces of teak furniture refinished. Very professional, reliable, and qualified. Would use them again in a minute.

Danielle White

Seal-A-Deck is a wonderful company! I would highly recommend using them for your decking needs. I had a deck that needed restoration. They did a fantastic job cleaning, sanding and staining the deck! It looks brand new!

Jim Peptipas

True professionals! Our deck, although fairly new, was not sealed properly by another contractor last year. As a result, we had severe discoloration/mold that left the wood in complete ruin. The Seal-A-Deck crew came in and treated the mold, sanded down and renewed the wood to its original state, and stained it to perfection! Would gladly use them for maintenance for many years to come and strongly recommend them to anyone who needs their deck to shine again.

Chitra Lefevre

We were so happy with the way our deck came out! The color we picked was just right! With so many companies being busy right now, Seal-A-Deck came through and made time for our project. The results were outstanding as shown in the pictures attached. They were quick, efficient, and pleasant to converse with. We cannot thank Seal-A-Deck enough for the work they did!

Stephanie Barbosa

We recently had our deck rebuilt. Everything went smoothly from the time we spoke with Frank to get the design together. We were put on the schedule promptly and kept informed of all details. The finished product was beautiful, and we can't wait to use it. Thank you, Frank, Nicole, Evelyn and the entire team. Fair price and great work.



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