The Best Lighting Designs for Safe Snowy Decks

If you are a homeowner anywhere in the New England area, you’re familiar with how snow can affect your home and deck. Although we are no stranger to severe winters, there are steps we can take to make sure our homes are as safe as possible. Deck lighting can be an easily installed, budget-friendly, and beautiful addition that provides that extra layer of safety for your family when your deck is covered in ice and snow. The professionals at SEAL-A-DECK recommend considering the following options to light up your snowy deck.

Rail Lighting

These are also called side mount lights and they are installed on your deck’s railing posts. Not only are they a prime choice for utility lighting, but rail lights also add ambiance to your deck. Rail lighting is even more important to use in the winter in order to keep your balance when your deck is covered in ice. Making sure that your family and guests can find their way in a snowstorm is vital. You can find them in a wide variety of styles and sizes therefore, we are certain to find something that works for your aesthetic. Even in the snow, you will be sure to find the illumination of a rail light to guide your way.

Step and Stair Lighting

Steps and stairs are trip hazards even without being covered in snow and ice. Adding lights to them will provide your deck with additional security for your pathway. SEAL-A-DECK usually recommends this type of lighting design for year-round use. It just so happens that this also helps in snowstorms. They brighten stairs and walkways and can be placed below the steps, in the risers, or along the side of each step. You can use surface-mounted recessed lights, strip lights, or sidestep lights. The options really are endless depending on what you hope to achieve.

Post Cap Lighting

This type of lighting gives you additional safety because they come in solar options. Post cap lighting is great because regardless of how deep the snow is, these lights are tall enough to continue to illuminate your deck without snow obstruction. They can be installed completely around your deck or in just one area that is high-traffic. Post lights can also come in LED and incandescent options that you will find fit any budget type. The variety of styles of post cap lights mean that you have a lot to choose from for your style. A SEAL-A-DECK technician can help you come up with the correct placement to make your deck as safe as possible.

Have Ideas?

SEAL-A-DECK is a bit different than other decking contractors because we have in-house designers that can bring any of your ideas to life. We can customize a lighting option for you or even use a mixture of types. The options really are endless and we just want to make sure that your deck is safe in winter storms as well as every other type of weather. Give us a call today at 1-877-SEALADECK for a free estimate.


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