Here's How to Keep Your Patio Furniture Safe Under Your Deck During Cold Months

When getting ready for the winter weather, one thing you want to add to your to-do list is preparing your patio furniture. SEAL-A-DECK urges everyone across New England to complete a few simple steps to keep your furniture looking its best despite how severe the winter may be. Depending on the material of your furniture, there will be different steps to take to keep it as safe as possible on your deck.

Wood Furniture

The first thing you should do for wood, especially teak, furniture before winter begins is clean it up. Properly cleaning the wood will ensure that it does not get heavily damaged from the excess moisture. You can either clean your furniture yourself or give the professionals at SEAL-A-DECK a call. Once the furniture is clean you must allow it to completely dry. This is probably the most important step because right after that, a protective sealant is applied and it will not be successful if it isn’t applied to dry material. Wood sealants help preserve the wood from any moisture. If your wood furniture is not properly cleaned and sealed, water can get into it and can freeze inside of the wood and cause it to crack.

Plastic Furniture

Even if your patio furniture is not wood, you should try your best to wipe it clean. Plastic furnishings are no different. Even a mixture of soap and water will be enough to provide good cleaning. Because plastic is typically sturdy, people may not realize that the cold winter weather can cause them to become brittle. We suggest bringing this type of furniture inside if you’re able, or at least under a covered area of your deck. If you just don’t have the space for that, consider storing them under a breathable covering.

Umbrellas and Fabrics

Before the first snow begins, we highly recommend that you either close your patio umbrellas or bring them inside. Most, if not all, umbrellas cannot stand the weight of snow (it is deceptively heavy). Use a mild detergent to wipe it clean, allow it to air dry in an open position, then grease the locks, switches, and pivots, and then close. If you’re unable to store it inside, you can also purchase plastic drop cloths that will protect your umbrella from growing mold. Other fabrics like cushions on your deck, should also be cared for before winter. Check your labels and remove the covers if you can. You may also be able to launder the entire cushion. Air drying is the best way to go even if the label says you can machine dry. Placing these items in a waterproof storage bag after cleaning will be the best way to keep them safe during the cold winter months.

Get Professional Help

If you need help getting your deck and patio furniture ready for the winter, SEAL-A-DECK is here to help. We can help your store, cover, or apply treatments where appropriate. Give us a call today at 1-877-SEALADECK to discuss your needs and get a free estimate.


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