New Home? How to Make Sure Your Deck Reinforcement Is Up-to-date Before a Big Snowstorm

Is your family in a new home in New England this holiday? Does that new home have a deck? If the answer to both of these questions is “yes” to both of those questions, the experts at SEAL-A-DECK want to help you take care of your investment. What you do ahead of the big snowstorms will determine how many years you can get out of your wood deck. Here are a few of our best tips for making sure your deck has the reinforcement it needs before the harsh winter weather strikes.

Get an Inspection

We’re sure that you got a home inspection prior to the final purchase of your home, but this does not always include your outside structures, like decks and patios. Our experts highly suggest calling in professionals not long after your purchase to check over your deck and its substructure. A 100-point inspection can help you see what’s been done right on your deck and what could use some repairing. Addressing these deck issues early not only makes it safe for your family, but reinforces its strength just in time for winter storms. SEAL-A-DECK can help you get your deck ready for the snow and ice.

Winterizing Your Deck

Prior to that first snowfall, there are some things that our experts suggest you do. The first is to remove any debris and leaves from your deck. Any of these foreign objects on your deck will cause falling hazards as well as increase the load of your deck’s substructure. Snow is deceptively heavy, therefore it increases the weight that your outdoor living space must support. After removing the debris, a pressure wash will surely get your deck in its best condition to weather any winter storm. Removing excess grime and dirt with a powerwash will mean that your wood can be in top condition. You should also consider getting a wood treatment with a sealant in order to preserve its current condition throughout the snow. We also advise our clients to either store their outdoor furniture or at least group them together and tie them down in order to keep them safe. Another step often overlooked is addressing any overhanging trees and bushes near your deck. Getting them properly trimmed can help save you time and money in the event they were to fall on your home. SEAL-A-DECK recommends taking these winterizing steps seriously in order to reinforce your deck’s ability to make it through a rough winter.

Get a Snow Plan

Once the snowstorms begin, there will be tasks you have to do to maintain your deck throughout the winter. Removing snow when it gets to a foot deep is the suggested best practice. Use a plastic-edged shovel when you do so because a metal shovel can damage your deck if it’s jabbed into the wood. You can also use a deicer, and we advise that customers with wooden decks and furniture only use a pet-friendly option. Other deicers can be too harsh for wood. If you need help caring for your deck once the snow begins, our crew would be glad to help.

Expert Deck Care

We know that your new home is an important investment that takes effort to maintain. SEAL-A-DECK wants to assist you in managing those outdoor living spaces year-round. Give us a call today at 877-SEALADECK to get more information on our maintenance plan or any other decking needs.

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