Deck Repairs You May Need After the New Year

Once the snow starts to slow down and temperatures rise in the new year, you may notice some changes have occurred on your deck. Most often those signs mean that repairs need to be made. This is definitely normal for most deck owners in New England and other cold winter climates. SEAL-A-DECK repairs many decks right after the cold season because wood goes through so much expansion and contraction during the winter. If you are a deck owner, here are the first things you may notice after all of the snow and ice melts.

Lifting Boards

Winter will put a strain on your wooden deck boards. Even if they are screwed down, you may see some lifting or buckling. Although this is a normal occurrence, you will want to address those soon since they are a trip hazard for your family. If your deck was not properly constructed with screws during installation and has nails, you can bet you will see nails sticking out in multiple areas. This is not just a trip hazard, but it can also be extremely detrimental to well-functioning deck structure and foundation. Sometimes the screws aren’t the only things that need to be repaired, but the boards themselves may need replacing, specially if you notice deterioration or a sponge-like consistency to the wood. We can work with you to determine what works best for your needs and budget.

Sealing and/or Staining

You seal and stain your deck in order to preserve its condition, therefore when it goes through a lot of wear and tear in the winter you can expect it to peel a bit and unevenly. Snow, rain, and even walking on your deck, can cause the sealant to come off. Sealing and staining are a part of the SEAL-A-DECK deck treatment services and we can get your deck back to looking and performing its best. Depending on the condition of your deck, our technicians will choose either level 1, 2, or 3 treatment to restore the wood. Any level of these treatments will include a sealing and staining service sure to last you through the rest of the year.

Rails, Posts, and Stairs

If you did have lifting boards, you might also see some issues with your wood railing, posts, and stairs. Because these components often depend on one another, an issue with one can cause problems with another area. Regardless of the winter weather, your stairs are going to get the majority of the wear and tear on your deck. These often need to be re-anchored after an intensely cold winter due to the free-thaw cycle. Your rails may also need attention if you notice many lifting boards near them or a wobbling when you touch them. These can be extremely dangerous and should be addressed immediately. If you see something going on with your posts after the new year, call SEAL-A-DECK as soon as possible. These are often things you cannot ignore or fix yourself and should be inspected by a professional. The entire functionality of your deck is at stake when it comes to collapsing posts.

The Decking Aficionados

Don’t let bad decking construction or failing deck components go into the new year with you. SEAL-A-DECK is here to help you get your outdoor living space up to a safe standard and give you peace of mind. Call us today at 877-SEALADECK to discuss your deck repair options.

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