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We know that your commercial deck isn’t just your everyday decking project. The professionals at SEAL-A-DECK specialize in offering top-of-the-line commercial decking services to businesses across Boston, including MetroWest, North Shore and South Shore, Cape Cod, South New Hampshire, and Rhode Island. We understand the complexities of these projects because we are your local decking experts and want to make these new additions to your buildings work for you.

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Decoding the Codes

One really important part about commercial decks that our team understands is the complexities of local building and structure codes. The untrained person may not know that businesses and commercial properties must adhere to much different building code standards than those in residential spaces. Because SEAL-A-DECK works often in these areas, we are extremely knowledgeable about working within the coding restrictions and regulations. We are also safe practitioners of The International Building Code and always take into consideration the safety, ease of use, and honest code development expected.

If you’re thinking of hiring someone less experienced in order to cut corners, commercial decks are not where you want to take the risk. Just as Deck Building Magazine states “the movement and expectations of people as they interact with buildings play a tremendous part in the planning and design of public places.” And any sort of construction on these buildings requires careful consideration of the businesses and local communities around it.

It’s All in the Details

From the layout to the installation, we have you covered. Our plans will always include the proper techniques so that your building isn’t weighed down with any extraneous materials. Because commercial decks can sometimes be rooftop, we know that there are extra precautions that need to be made to do so. Our layout will include grids and pedestals to distribute the load-bearing quality across the entire structure. Once it is installation time, we will come prepared with all of the necessary tools so that we can complete the job as quickly as possible. All of the preparations we take ahead of time make a world of difference when it comes to the proper and quick installation of your commercial deck.

The SEAL-A-DECK Difference

Our team understands your high expectations when it comes to commercial decking needs. You need efficiency for your bottom line, as well as safety for your employees. With the proper deck construction, those are easily attainable goals. SEAL-A-DECK team members undergo extensive training programs and their work is scrutinized to the highest level. Our goal is to provide fast and safe services to get you the deck you need. If you’re looking to install any sort of commercial deck to your building, we would love to hear from you. Our team is ready to provide you with a fast quote onsite or you can request an instant quote on our website. Don’t leave this important work up to chance with an inexperienced decking company. Let the professionals at SEAL-A-DECK install your safe and efficient commercial deck.

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