What Is Happening to Your Deck Right Now in the Snow and Ice

The winter is not a vacation time for your home’s wood deck. Rather, this is a time where your deck goes through some of its biggest tests. As decking professionals, the technicians at SEAL-A-DECK can help prepare your deck for the winter’s snow and ice to give it the best chance to make it to springtime without issue. Working with decking experts to winterize your outdoor living space is an extra assurance that you are doing everything you can to protect your decking investment. This blog will tell you a little about what your deck is going through during the bitter cold and how SEAL-A-DECK can help you avoid those issues with proper maintenance and planning.

Freezing and Thawing

The biggest impact on your deck is the process of freezing and thawing that will happen throughout the winter. The freeze-thaw cycle can even happen daily, depending on the fluctuation of the temperatures. Even though you may not be able to see anything happening, your wood is actually expanding and contracting with the temperatures. If your deck was properly installed with the correct spacing, you shouldn’t have much to be concerned with. Alternatively, if your deck wasn’t constructed with the proper spacing for the expansion, it will be testing the limits of your foundation, railings, and even the stairs. You can find these areas buckling and/or collapsing.

Wood Deterioration

If you have not had a deck treatment in the last couple of years, your wood may be having issues on its own. The typical SEAL-A-DECK treatment includes stripping, washing, conditioning, and the application of sealant. If your deck has not been sealed in a while, you can bet that water is permeating through the material. Although wood is naturally porous, an overabundance of moisture coupled with freezing temperatures may cause early decay or soft spots on your deck. Even though it may be currently covered in a New England frost, beneath those layers your wood is undergoing some intense fluctuations that often lead to decay.

Best Case Scenario

You may be one of our customers that does everything right. You do preventative maintenance, take part in our Advantage Plan, winterize, and remove snow as needed. If this is true, you are in the best-case scenario for dealing with snow and ice. Your deck will still be subjected to the same harsh winter as others, but it will be by far more prepared. The sealant, along with your deicing and snow removal, will mean that come the thaw of spring, your deck will be ready for making memories and hosting your friends and family. Our experts only suggest that you continue with the same plan moving forward.


You don’t have to be the best at deck maintenance and planning to make sure that your outdoor living space makes it through the winter. This is where the professionals at SEAL-A-DECK come in. We can help you preserve the deck you have to make it through the freezing winters and beyond. Call 877-SEALADECK today to discuss your options.

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