SEAL-A-DECK Fence and Gate Maintenance

The regular treatment and maintenance of wooden fences and gates is critical to their longevity.

wood fence maintenance
wood fence maintenance

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Wooden fences and gates are exposed to the elements on all sides, resulting in expansion and contraction, and thus wear and tear, at a much greater rate than other wooden structures. Annual application of wooden fence stain and sealer protects your fence and maintains its aesthetic appeal while also being cost­-effective over time. If your wooden fence or gate is flaking or peeling, gray or faded, or coated in mildew or grime, it needs immediate attention. SEAL-­A­-DECK can help maintain your wooden fence or gate by first power washing the entire surface with an eco-­friendly wood fence cleaner, applying a wood conditioner, and rinsing. We then lightly sand the surface before applying a waterproofing coat of wood sealer or fence stain by hand. The premium products we work with add elasticity and durability to your wooden fence or gate.

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