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SEAL-­A­-DECK offers wood deck construction and repair services for a full range of needs, from a single board replacement to a complete overhaul.

wood deck repair
wood deck repair

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Why are Annual Wood Deck Check-Ups So Important?

If your Massachusetts home has a wood deck it probably serves as the focal point for many of your family’s outdoor activities. But even after a few years of exposure to weather conditions and constant use, your deck’s wood can start warping, fading and cracking. Moisture, sunlight and foot traffic combine to weaken your deck’s stairs, railings, joists, and posts; creating a recipe for accidental falls and serious injuries. If you live near the ocean, salt water accelerates the aging process, especially when it comes to metal screws, nails, and fasteners.

Massachusetts Wood Decks are Exposed to These Damaging Forces

Due to the water absorbing (hygroscopic) nature of wood, every time it rains your structure’s framing and decking retain moisture. The closer your deck is to the ground, the more moisture it absorbs from underneath. Poor deck ventilation makes it worse, and then one day you notice the early warning signs of wood rot like mold, mildew, and fungus. Meanwhile, on top of the deck, while you’re enjoying some Fourth-of-July hotdogs, the sun’s powerful UV rays methodically dry out the exposed surfaces of your wood boards.

Warning Signs Your Aging Wood Deck Needs Repairs

The best way to ensure your wood deck’s appearance and longevity is by having one of our Seal-a-Deck technicians look it over. If our technician finds visible signs of excessive wear, they will point those problematic deck areas out to you, and then provide a written estimate for our expert deck construction and repair services.

Why Trust Us with Your Wood Deck Repairs?

Since 2003, Seal-a-Deck has been providing Massachusetts homeowners with top-quality wood deck check-ups, repairs, and redecking services. We routinely work with all types of decking materials, including soft and hardwoods like cedar, pine, mahogany and Ipe. During a deck check-up, one of our experienced team members will carefully examine the condition of all these deck components:

• Posts

• Stairs

• Joists

• Decking and fasteners

• Privacy fence

• Railings

• Overall structural integrity

While doing so, our deck specialist will also clearly mark any weakened boards that need to be replaced. With a dual focus on your family’s safety and the overall aesthetic value of your restored deck, we will then explain how our reliable deck repairs address problematic areas.

Our Deck Restoration Services Target These Problematic Areas

Once you’ve decided to place your trust in the pros at Seal-a-Deck, we’ll schedule a convenient time to get started. Backed by an ironclad, worry-free guarantee, our proven deck repair formula includes these steps to restore your peace-of-mind:

• All debris will be properly disposed of, recycled, or re-purposed.

• Long-lasting stainless steel or galvanized fasteners will be hand selected to match the finish of your existing fasteners as closely as possible.

• Customized deck stains will be applied to ensure the new wood blends naturally with existing boards.

• Our craftsmanship, materials, and customer service will all be of the highest quality.

• We will leave your home and yard just like we found them when we first arrived.

Expert Wood Deck Repairs from Check-Up to Completion

Deck Stairs

Whether your deck has two steps or two dozen, it’s no secret that your wood stairs take a beating from foot traffic and Mother Nature. As a result, they’re usually the first part of your deck to show signs of wear-and-tear, like cracked treads and upward cupping visible on wood edges. As the wood continues to shrink and expand from moisture and sunlight, nails can start popping up from the boards. Unfortunately, this aging process is irreversible, which means your stairs’ condition will only get worse until they’re replaced.

How to Tell When Your Deck Stairs Are No Longer Safe

When your deck stairs have seen better days, the pros at Seal-a-Deck can replace them with new ones that will blend seamlessly into your overall deck’s appearance. If you want to give your deck a style makeover, refresh it’s look by choosing from these deck stair options:

• Closed stairs

• Contemporary stairs

• Open stringer stairs

• Traditional stairs

Add Value To Your Home With Creative Deck Stair Designs

Deck Lighting

Adding some custom-designed deck lighting is a great way to showcase your deck’s features at night, while also beefing up your home’s security. At Seal-a-Deck, we can design and install deck lighting systems for any taste or budget, while choosing from these lighting options:

• Rail lighting

• Post lighting

• String lighting

• Stair lighting

How Deck Lighting Improves Your Stairs’ Safety and Aesthetics

Deck Railings

Years of constant exposure to wind, moisture and sunlight can cause wood deck railings to warp, fade and crack. Those weakened or rotten railings and balusters can give way with little or no warning, resulting in serious injuries to those who were leaning on them for support.

Classic Signs That Your Deck Railings Need Replacing

When you’re ready to replace your old wood railings, Seal-a-Deck can custom design new deck rails for you that will tastefully match your home exterior’s décor. We install these railing designs:

• Horizontal, vertical or diagonal rails

• Glass rails

• PVC rails

• Metal rails

• Stainless steel cable rails

• Wood rails

You can also add some curb appeal to your existing deck with accent deck posts guaranteed to get noticed at your next cookout!

Deck Railing Ideas To Transform Your Home

When a more elegant look is your goal, we’d be happy to show you some examples of the deck rail lighting projects that we’ve successfully completed for satisfied Massachusetts homeowners.

Add an Elegant Touch to Your Deck Railing with Outdoor Lighting

Deck Posts

Your deck posts are very noticeable to onlookers, so when they start to fade, warp and crack it quickly reduces your deck’s overall aesthetic value. The posts also support the weight of your entire structure, which means that weakened or damaged posts also place those using your deck at risk for a serious injury.

How Weakened Support Posts Can Quickly Threaten Your Entire Deck

In addition to solid wood deck posts, there are other newer post styles and materials that we use at Seal-a-Deck that will improve your deck’s overall appearance and longevity, such as:

• Accent posts

• Clad (coated) posts

• Metal posts

• PVC posts

Use These Deck Post Materials to Improve Your Deck’s Longevity

Post placement either inside or outside the rim joist changes a deck’s aesthetics and structural integrity. To “top” your deck makeover off, there are numerous types of stylish deck post cap designs available depending on the post material you’ve selected.

Versatile Deck Post Attachment and Post Cap Designs

Porch Repair

Like decks, porches need occasional repairs and maintenance to keep them safe and beautiful. Exposure to Massachusetts’ harsh winter weather, the elements, and continuous use can cause damage to your porch’s structure. As the wood begins to fade and fail, the damage can spread throughout the porch, increasing the risk of causing injury and diminishing your home’s appearance.

At SEAL-A-DECK, we offer detailed inspections to determine if your porch shows signs of wear and/or damage. We’ll give you a written estimate that helps you understand the problems we find and the repairs we suggest. Once the job begins, we’ll repair or replace any damaged:

  • Boards
  • Railings
  • Balustrades
  • Columns
  • Posts

Our materials are the highest quality and always chosen to complement your Massachusetts home. We can also help you update your porch design as we make our repairs.

Whether you have a small front porch or a large wraparound feature, our repairs will restore your home’s beauty and give you a space you’re proud to own.

Privacy Walls

Are there windy days when you can’t sit outside and enjoy your deck? In addition to shielding your deck from wind, privacy walls also reduce outdoor noise and block unsightly views of your neighbor’s backyard. If your deck already has privacy walls, they’re exposed to the same damaging forces the rest of your deck is.

That’s why our wood deck services also include expert evaluations, repairs, and replacements for privacy walls and fences. If you’re looking to create the perfect deck escape, we also do new privacy wall installations!

Add A Beautiful Privacy Wall Design For The Perfect Outdoor Deck

Once you’ve decided to add or replace existing deck privacy walls, we can help you come up with the ideal design that will blend seamlessly into your existing deck. Here are some of the privacy wall types that Seal-a-Deck can expertly install:

• Flower box natural privacy walls

• Lattice-framed privacy walls

• Louvered privacy walls

• Shadow box privacy walls

If you’d like to schedule a wood deck check-up today, call Seal-a-Deck today at 978-538-7325, or get a repair estimate within minutes using our convenient Instant Quote feature now!

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Total Rebuilds

At SEAL-A-DECK, we always do our best to restore the structure you already have to save you money and minimize the inconvenience created by the demands of your project. Sometimes, however, age, poor construction integrity, damage, and rot can cause problems that are impossible or too expensive to fix. If this is the case for your deck, the safest or most cost-effective solution may be a full rebuild of your deck.

Total deck rebuilds can be a big project, but they also offer the opportunity to improve the look and use of your outdoor living space. We’ll work with you to design the perfect new deck, helping you choose the design elements you want most, including:

  • Size
  • Appearance, including materials, color, shape, and more
  • Railings
  • Stairs
  • Fixtures
  • Lighting
  • And more!

If you’ve always wanted an enclosed space or dreamed of adding an outdoor cooking area, now is the time to do it!

From start to finish, SEAL-A-DECK will give you confidence in your deck’s design and construction. Your deck will no longer be an eyesore or safety hazard, giving you the freedom to use and enjoy an outdoor space that offers both comfort and curb appeal.

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