Winter Services

SEAL-A-DECK offers a number of winter services that will safely and efficiently remove snow and ice from your deck, roof, driveways and walkways.

During periods of heavy snowfall, snow and ice buildup may exceed the load capacity of your deck and roof. Our snow removal, roof raking, and ice dam removal services will ensure that snow is removed properly and safely, reduce the likelihood of damage to your deck, roof and gutters.

We also provide safe and efficient plow-less snow removal services for your property, driveways, and walkways. All snow removal is done by hand with snow blowers and shovels equipped with a plastic-edged blade. Our services are guaranteed to be landscaping friendly, protecting your curbs, vegetation and stonework from damage.

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Snow removal

One square-foot of snow one-inch in depth weighs about a pound. Many decks and roofs, especially, older, flat and special structures such as carports, garages, and sheds are not always rated to support the kind of weight associated with a heavy snowfall. Minimizing the stress placed on them is a great way to minimize the risk of leaking and cave-ins. It’s also important to keep your roof as snow-free as possible to prevent ice dams from forming on your roof.

SEAL-­A­-DECK will inspect your deck and roof to let you know just how much snow weight it can handle so that you know when to call us to help ease the load. We can then arrange to be at your home after a heavy snowfall to ensure that snow is removed properly, safely and quickly reducing the potential for damage.

We also provide safe and efficient snow removal services for your surrounding property, driveway, and walkways:

  • Gentle, plow-less snow removal
  • Plastic-tipped shovels to protect vegetation
  • Pet and environment safe ice melt
  • Landscaping and driveway friendly

Roof raking

While most pitched roofs are designed to handle excess snow, there’s potential for structural damage, with large, flat roofs posing the greatest risk. Removing excessive snow from a roof is highly recommended in order to prevent ice dams, yet it can be hazardous taking care of it yourself.

It can be extremely dangerous to try to get up on the roof covered in snow or to stand on a ladder to remove the snow. Although a roof rake allows you to stand on the ground and remove the snow, if the roof’s pitch is overly steep, the snow can slide off rapidly causing injury. It’s also easy to lose sight of the fact that a large aluminum roof rake is every bit as dangerous as a ladder when it comes to making contact with an overhead power lines.

Our professionally trained crews work from the ground whenever possible, carefully using long snow rakes to remove small amounts of snow at a time to avoid being hit by falling snow or ice. We are particularly careful to avoid dislodging roof shingles and gutters. If it is necessary to work from the roof, proper safety gear is used to prevent accidents and care is taken to locate skylights, dryer vents, and roof vents beforehand.

Ice dam removal

Ice dams are all too common during winter, and while they may look pretty, they can cause serious damage to your home. They are typically caused by a combination of poor attic or roof ventilation and a warm attic space. Your roof, gutters, and insulation, and more are all susceptible to damage created by ice dams.

Ice dams form when snow melts and runs down your roof to your gutter where ice builds up and backs up. If ignored, ice dams can cause serious damage to your roof, gutters, paint, insulation and interior drywall and other surfaces. To prevent long-term damage to your roof and gutters, it is important to deal with ice dams quickly.

Climbing up the side of your house in the freezing winter is dangerous, and we highly recommend using Seal-a-Deck’s ice dam removal services to ensure safety and guaranteed results. The professionals at Seal-a-Deck use low pressure steamers that use wet steam under low pressure to melt ice faster. Super-heated water is directed like a scalpel to melt the ice precisely and quickly into blocks that are then removed. This is the fastest and safest way to remove ice dams without damage to your roof.

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