Deck Refinishing 101: Options for Paints and Stains


SEAL-A-DECK knows that there are a ton of options out there for painting or staining your deck. It is probably overwhelming if you’ve never dealt with decking specifics. You’re not alone in this process. Anyone of our professional and experienced technicians can walk you through the refinishing basics and help you choose a paint or stain that fits with your aesthetic and budget. Below, you’ll find an overview of the options and how they work for particular wood types.

Know Your Material

Before considering the options, you need to familiarize yourself with the material from which your deck is made. Decks come in typically one of three material types: wood, composite, and PVC. There are paints and stains formulated for each type of decking material and often cannot be used successfully on a material it’s not meant for. Even within the wood spectrum, hard and softwoods are treated differently. So the bottom line is that you should know exactly what your deck is made out of or ask an expert to check it out for you prior to starting a stain or paint project.

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The Options

Knowing the climate in our service area gives us additional specialized insight into the best options for our customers throughout Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Southern New Hampshire. One option for those looking to highlight the beauty of a natural wood deck is a clear sealer. These have no pigment in them and show the most amount of wood grain. Clear sealers have the least amount of UV protection because there is no pigment, but the upside is that they never peel. The next step up, and the option we prefer and recommend the most, is toned sealers. This sealer type gives more pigment but is still a penetrating product that gives amazing UV protection. It is the best of both worlds. The third option is an opaque/semi-solid sealer. It will give the most protection, but unfortunately hides the woodgrain. While similar to a regular paint in looks, it does have more elasticity and the most UV protection on the market.

Prepping for the Job

After identifying the type of paint or stain that will work best for you, we will do a level of prep that makes the most sense for your deck. Our treatments are tailored to the age and condition of your deck. Our prep comes in 3 different levels from a light washing on level 1 to stripping, sanding, and repairs at a level 3. The condition of your deck will determine which level should be completed prior to painting or staining.

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Ready to Get Started?

When you’re ready to begin your deck refinishing there’s only one call you need to make and it is to 1-877-SEALADECK. Our professional and experienced technicians are ready to turn your deck into your home’s most used space. Estimates are always free and you can even get an instant quote on our website.


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