Why Hiring a Team of Pros Before it Snows Can Save You Money Later

Being proactive about your deck’s snow and ice maintenance plan can help you save money throughout the winter months. Just like any other home winterizing steps you usually take, decks require upkeep throughout the winter. SEAL-A-DECK always suggests preparing your deck for the big seasonal transitions so that you maintain usability throughout the year. Hiring professionals earlier in the fall for your repair and maintenance needs can help you keep costs down throughout the winter.

Stress-free Snow Removal

When you think of winter deck maintenance, snow removal is probably at the top of mind. Hiring professionals now to shovel snow off of your deck and patio is also a way to save money later. If it is ahead of the season, you can always ask for plan discounts and other ways to save as a contracted member. You don’t have to wait for the snow to fall to have a service on call for any ice removal you need. If you are a member of our maintenance plans, you will be taken care of when you need it, not just when you call.

Priority Service

When winter finally brings snowstorms across Massachusetts, there will be many people looking for help maintaining the snow and ice on their property. If you contact, interview, and decide on a decking and patio repair company before this happens, you’re more likely to have everything you need once the temperatures fall. When we see more than a foot of snow, companies like SEAL-A-DECK will have a client list that keeps them busy. Make sure you’re on a schedule and have your plan ready when and if you need us. Priority scheduling is a helpful thing for our customers across New England.

Timely Repairs

At SEAL-A-DECK we have a preference for doing repairs early and often to keep costs down. Not just those winterizing to-dos, but the repairs and inspections you should be doing throughout the year anyway. The longer you wait to do those needed services, the more it will cost. When it comes to the safety of our customers this is also best practice. If you have lifting boards, wobbling rails, or an uneven deck these can become even bigger issues once the weight of snow and ice are applied consistently throughout the winter. We even offer a plan so that you can stay on top of your deck repairs without stress. The SEAL-A-DECK Advantage Plan is perfect for those looking to save money and get the repairs you need when you need them. You can sign up for this perk at any time, not just when you need to save money on snow and ice removal.

Save Money with SEAL-A-DECK

We all want the opportunity to save money. The experts at SEAL-A-DECK recommend thinking about repairs and upkeep often instead of when it’s in dire need in order to stay in control of your budget. Get your winter weather plan in place now with the help of our experienced technicians. Call 1-877-SEALADECK today to get information on our Advantage Plan or get a free estimate.


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