Why Removing Debris Before it Snows Is So Important

As the temperatures become colder across New England, there are some maintenance tasks that should be completed prior to the first snowfall. SEAL-A-DECK wants to help you get the most out of your decking investment. Preparing your home for a harsh winter can make life easier and help you stay within your budget for home decking repairs. Here are the top reasons why removing debris before it snows is so important.

Load Bearing

Each deck is built to withstand a certain amount of weight. The number of people and the amount of furniture and amenities you place on your deck will have an effect on how the foundation should be built. When SEAL-A-DECK begins the deck design process, we will ask you a series of questions to determine what types of usage your deck will receive. If you tend to entertain a lot or want a hot tub installed, we can calculate the amount of load-bearing capacity your deck will need. There are actual code requirements that must be followed when building a deck and our professionals take these very seriously. When anything is added to your deck that will increase the live load of your structure, you need to make sure that the design load can safely support it. Debris can substantially increase the load on your deck’s frame. The weight of snow can weigh as much as a dump truck with even 2-3 feet and puts stress on the substructure. Snow can be deceptively heavy. SEAL-A-DECK builds in a way that will sustain snow, but anything additional like leaves and limbs in excess, will not be accounted for. This is significant because if you overload the underlying soil more than it can stand, your deck will sink.

Maintaining Condition

Part of removing debris before the snow is so that your deck can maintain its load bearing and durability throughout the year. Outside of regular inspection and maintenance, simply removing debris even by sweeping it from your deck can help you to maintain top condition year-round. Once the winter is over, the snow and ice will melt showing what condition your decking material is in. By preparing your deck ahead of time we hope that once the winter is over you will not see any lifting boards or deteriorating areas. Preemptive maintenance regardless of the season is the best thing that you can do for your home and deck. Winterizing is smart to do and helps keep debris and snow from causing too much damage during the harsh New England winters.

Snow Removal Plan

Regardless of the condition of your deck going into the winter, you should have a plan in place to remove snow once it gets over a foot deep. We always suggest using a plastic edged shovel so that you don’t damage your decking material. Also, choosing a pet-friendly deicer helps protect your wood from chemicals that can cause breakdowns throughout the winter. If you need professional assistance for snow removal, SEAL-A-DECK is always here to help.

Get Professional Help

If you need help winterizing, making repairs, or removing snow when the time comes, give SEAL-A-DECK a call today at 1-877-SEALADECK. We offer maintenance plans to save you time and money as well as free estimates on our services.


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