Three Ways Professionals Can Refresh an Old Deck

At SEAL-A-DECK, we specialize in treatments that are proven to refresh a weathered deck. Professionals can provide you with options that fit your budget and your needs. Not only do we want your deck to look good, but we want it to be safe too. With our help, your deck can have a new lease on life and will once again become the center of many happy memories for years to come.

Light Wash Treatment

Even though you may look at your deck and think it is too far gone for just a cleaning, you may be surprised. Especially if you haven’t been a stickler for cleaning, if your deck has been treated within the last 12 months, you can still get away with this light wash regardless of how old the material actually is. SEAL-A-DECK completes these services on a regular basis and it begins with a biodegradable wood cleaner accompanied by power washing the area. Once that is done, we apply a wood conditioner, rinse, and then allow it to dry. These steps remove mill glaze (a glossy film that develops during production) and any foreign contaminants that can reduce the efficacy of wood sealers and stains. This is very effective when done at least once a year.

Deep Clean Services

This is also known as our level 2 service and is the most common deck treatment that we offer. Not only will you receive every step in the light wash treatment, but we will also return in a week of that service to do light repairs. Oftentimes, refreshing an old deck requires both a wash and repairs. We will secure any loose boards and sand to give the wood a refreshed looked. The last step is always applying a premium oil sealer by hand so that every inch is receiving the coating it needs.

Full Deck Restoration

If it has been several years since your last service or wash, there is a good chance that a full deck restoration may be needed. The harsh New England climate can wreak havoc on decks and there’s nothing you can do once it gets beyond a certain point other than a full restoration. This level of refresh requires us to begin with a wood stripper and a power wash. This is the deepest level of clean you can get without totally replacing your materials. We will also secure any boards, set nails, resurface with specialty equipment, and apply an oil sealer. You will be able to notice an extraordinary difference on your deck once these steps are done. It certainly breathes life into old decks. Even the oldest decks can benefit from this level 3 service.

Refresh Your Old Deck Now

If you’re tired of looking at an old deck that needs help, SEAL-A-DECK is ready to help you restore it. Give a call at 1-877-SEALADECK to start your professional evaluation process. You can also receive an instant quote right in your inbox for your unique situation with our handy online form.


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