Four Unique Railing Options for Your Deck

If you’re looking for a unique way to bring a bit of creative design to your deck, updating your railings is a popular start. SEAL-A-DECK offers customizable and artistic railing solutions for decks across New England. We have an in-house design team that loves working with all the fresh ideas our customers bring to the table. Let’s use your aesthetic ideas and our knowledge of safe and beautiful decks to build something that is sure to be a highlight of your home.

Modern Lines

Using the lines of your rails in unusual ways can give your deck a contemporary flair. SEAL-A-DECK has installed horizontal, vertical, and even diagonal rails that give your deck a new life. If you enjoy more of an architectural design on your home, this could be a great way to match that aesthetic on the outside.

Cable Rails

One way to give your deck inventive railings is with cables or wires. We can arrange them in patterns like a criss-cross to create a dynamic and secure railing. There is also an option to use a rustic-style wire for a more natural look. Cable materials are also extremely sturdy and require little to no maintenance.

Glass Accents

Glass isn’t just for windows anymore. An elegant way to install railings is with glass balustrades. If you’re near the coast, this is an amazing way to see the ocean views. These can be made as high as you’d like and can accent your home. Plexiglass is another option for the see-through look but at a cheaper price.

Natural Wood

Although wood is the traditional material option for deck railings, there are ways to spice up the design. Even though wood is the most often used for this purpose, we can choose different treatments to give you a distinctive design that sets your deck apart from traditional constructions. Using wood in its natural form is a beautiful and simple way to honor the wood and give your home warmth.

Rails that Make Sense

Even though you want to get the best design out of your deck, we want to make sure that you are taking into account every safety measure. We want your rails and deck to be both beautiful and secure. Before your customized railings are installed, you should consider lighting options to get the most out of your installation. SEAL-A-DECK offers a variety of unique and beautiful lighting options that can be installed on any railing or post type. If you have railings that lights cannot attach to directly, we also have stair and recessed lights that can be added to any area of your deck. We want to give you the best options for both beauty and safety.

Let’s Create

Don’t let outdated or faulty railings put a damper on your outside living space. If it is time to renovate, let’s create railings that fit your home and personality. Adding a creative option for your rails can change the environment of your deck with just a few tweaks. Give us a call today at 1-877-SEALADECK to discuss your railing options or complete our instant quote form now.


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