5 Creative Redecking Ideas Guaranteed to Impress Others

If your Massachusetts home has a deck that’s in need of a makeover, a redecking project is a great way to transform it with some flair and personality. Starting with the right deck materials, you can customize your outdoor escape using the right railings, steps, lighting, and privacy walls. But sometimes it’s hard to come up with the unique design ideas you need. At Seal-a-Deck, we’ve been specializing in custom-designed decks for over 15 years now. Based on what we’ve learned, here are 5 creative redecking ideas guaranteed to impress your guests.

1. Customize the Railings

Custom-designed railings can be used to either create more privacy or an unobstructed view of your home’s beautiful surroundings. In most cases, railing choices boil down to personal preference and budget. Here are some of the ways you can customize your railings:

• Horizontal, vertical or diagonal

• Maintenance-free, stainless steel cable rails

• Glass rails

• Wood rails in a sunburst or lattice pattern

• PVC rails

• Metal rails

Design idea: For additional creativity and privacy, how about building a retaining wall on one side instead of traditional posts and railings? Not only will it look great, but you can also plant all kinds of flowers inside the wall to add color and eye pop for those summer barbeques.

2. “Top it Off” with Post Caps

Oftentimes ignored by homeowners, deck post caps now come in numerous styles, designs, and colors. Consider “topping off” your new deck’s look by adding attention-getting post caps all around. Not only do post caps create a more finished appearance, but they also protect the ends of your wood posts from water absorption and insects. Here are some of the post caps that we install:

• Wood

• Stainless steel

• Glass

• Copper

• Aluminum

• Vinyl

Design idea: Think about adding some post caps with built-in solar or hardwired low-voltage lights. More for ambiance than illumination, they’ll make your deck look more appealing at night without draining your bank account!

3. Try Other Lighting Options

In addition to post cap lights, there are so many other lighting options available that can turn your average deck into something that truly gets noticed. Deck lighting also provides more safety and security for your home, and lets you enjoy some outdoor dining with family and friends long after the sun has gone down.

LED lights have become all the rage because you can set them to change colors, and they’re long-lasting and eco-friendly. Or, use some plain white LED lights to highlight certain design elements while creating a desired effect. We’ve helped many homeowners cultivate the perfect nighttime mood on their decks with:

• Post and post cap lights

• Railing lights

• Recessed stair lights

• String lighting

Design idea: With respect to string lighting, consider building an overhead pergola over at least part of your deck, for example, above a spa tub, and then attaching string lights to the pergola.

4. Make a Statement with Stairs

The design of your stairs can make or break the entire deck, whether there’s only one, or one dozen. Stairs are also the deck’s focal point when looking at it from the yard. There are all types of deck stairs, including:

• Contemporary

• Open stringer

• Traditional

• Closed

Design idea: Make a statement with your stair width, as wider stairs add warmth and look more inviting, while narrower steps deliver a cleaner, more utilitarian feel. For decks with two or more levels, consider going with a continuous step or steps. Adding some deck stair lighting also provides subtle illumination to your deck and makes it safer after dark.

5. Add a Privacy Wall

Tastefully combining seclusion with style is the purpose of a well-designed privacy wall. A renewed sense of privacy will help you feel less exposed to neighbors, the sidewalk or street.

Design idea: Privacy walls don’t have to be boring, so try one of these creative custom designs:

• Add an Asian touch with opaque acrylic privacy wall screen panels

• Surround your sitting area with a curved trellis

• For a higher privacy wall, soften the look with climbing vines and thoughtful plant arrangements

• Mix up the materials. For example, go with a lighter PVC decking material combined with a darker, natural wood lattice screen.

Creative Redecking Ideas Are Only a Click Away

When you need some creative redecking design ideas for your home’s tired old deck, visit Seal-a-Deck’s website, where you’ll find pictures of our recent projects. Since 2003, we’ve been providing homeowners in Massachusetts with top-quality deck check-ups, repairs, redecking services and new deck constructions.

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