Add an Elegant Touch to Your Deck Railing with Outdoor Lighting

Deck rail lighting enhances the appearance of your deck at night, illuminating architectural details like posts and balusters and creating a soft, glowing ambiance. Outdoor floodlights can cast unattractive shadows and shine brightly into your eyes, making it harder to see. The ambient light of deck rail lighting is gentler on the eyes and directs the light exactly where it’s needed. A well-thought-out lighting plan for your deck can work together with other outdoor lighting to create a beautiful and inviting backyard both day and night.

Your choice of outdoor lighting products for your deck rails will depend on the style of railing, your budget, and whether you prefer LED lighting, solar power, or a low-voltage lighting system.

Most deck rail lighting plans will combine more than one type of light fixture. Some outdoor fixtures illuminate posts and railings for general lighting and decorative effect; others shine directly downwards and light the deck surface. Varying the levels of brightness and shades of color enhance the lighting design, improving the appearance and safety of your deck and yard. Lighting that points downwards reduces light pollution (so you can see the stars) and directs the light exactly where it’s needed.

LED Outdoor Lighting For Deck Railings:

Outdoor LED lighting is quickly becoming the lighting product of choice for homeowners, because of its drastic reduction in electricity use. Outdoors, energy-friendly LEDs make it easy and affordable to include beautiful lighting in your deck design. They don’t require special wiring either – the simple controller plugs into a regular outlet.

Available in long strips that resemble narrow tape, LED strip lighting is installed along the underside of compatible deck railings. It’s a great product for highlighting the balusters and adding warm, ambient light to your deck:

LED strip lighting for deck railings
Photo Courtesy of LMT Products

Combine them with glass railings for a glowing effect:

LED strip lighting glass railings
Lighting by Regal Ideas

LED lights can change color at the touch of a button, and are easily controlled by computer. If you want to change the color of your deck railings for entertaining, LED strip lighting lets you express your creativity. Use cool blue for a pool party, or welcome trick-or-treaters with orange lighting.

LED strip lighting white house
Lighting by Regal Ideas

Low-Voltage Deck Rail Lights:

Individual under-rail lights provide a similar effect. They work with existing low-voltage outdoor lighting systems. These small fixtures install between your pickets or balusters and shine downwards to light the railing and decking:

Low-Voltage Deck Rail Lights
Photo Courtesy of LMT Products

Deck Railing Post Lights:

Attaching small light fixtures to the sides of deck posts is a simple way to light deck railings, and they’re perfect for lighting walkway areas. Post side-lights are affordable, and solar-powered fixtures eliminate the need for wiring:

Deck Railing Post Lights
Photo Courtesy of Classy Caps

Some post side-lights are designed to work as security lights as well. The light stays on a low setting at night, but when it detects motion it activates an extra-bright light setting. It adds an extra level of security to your home, without separate security lights.

Security post side-light from Classy Caps
Security post side-light from Classy Caps

If you have an existing low-voltage lighting system, it’s easy to find compatible post side-lights. Look for styles that use LED bulbs. The LED Wiring Connectors will plug directly into the LED DC Transformer.

Side-lights come in an endless variety of designs, from contemporary to traditional. A mini hanging lantern adds a touch of cottage charm:

Nottingham Lantern by Classy Caps
Nottingham Lantern by Classy Caps

Lighting just the posts, and not the post-caps or railings, creates subtle pools of light:

deck railing post lights
Photo Courtesy of High Point Deck Lighting

Post Cap Downlights For Deck Railing:

Post cap light fixtures are a great way to add ambient lighting to your deck. From slim, contemporary LEDs to classic lantern styles, post lights are a popular accent for stairs or gates. To softly light your deck railings and posts, choose post-cap lights that focus the light downwards:

People on deck during sunset outdoor living
People on deck during sunset outdoor living

Integrating your deck rail lighting into the post caps is simple. Many deck railing manufacturers offer post caps with integrated lighting. Installation is easy, with a simple plug-and-play wiring system. Solar-powered post caps are also available. Down-light styles will wash a small area around the posts with light. Lens styles incorporate a strip of light or small lantern into the post cap itself, and illuminate a wider area.

Whatever your preference in deck lighting, our lighting designers can develop a lighting plan that minimizes glare and energy use, and creates a safe and secure oasis where you can enjoy your deck even after the sun sets. To get started, call one of our deck lighting designers at Seal-A-Deck at 978-538-7325 or contact us online to discuss your options.


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