Reasons to Schedule a Thorough Evaluation Today

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Are you a deck owner? If so, do you know when your last thorough evaluation was? If that answer doesn’t come to you immediately, it is time to give SEAL-A-DECK a call. The safety of your family could be at stake if there are compromised areas of the deck. Don’t let your deck deteriorate before your very eyes; we can help! Here are the reasons why you need to be on top of the condition of your deck through periodic evaluations.

A Little Maintenance Goes a Long Way

Each year people are injured as a result of deck failures that may have been avoided by basic deck maintenance. According to the North American Deck and Railing Association, between 2000 and 2006, there were 30 deck-related deaths and 350 deck-related injuries. SEAL-A-DECK can help you keep your deck safe. Annually scheduled inspections can help you treat failing areas before they become a problem. You want to identify the little problems before they become big problems. Our technicians can identify the compromised or vulnerable areas and present you with options for remedying them.

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If staying on budget is one of your biggest concerns, a thorough evaluation can help you keep costs down. If you’re scheduling regular evaluations, you are more likely to find small issues in your deck before they become big issues. Catching problems when they are small is the best way to keep your costs down. Small repairs are always going to be cheaper than total replacements. If you ignore the small problems, the rot in one area of your deck is likely to spread. Don’t hesitate to call someone out when you notice even the smallest inconsistencies in your deck.

The Evaluation Process

No matter what condition you think the deck is in, SEAL-A-DECK can help. Often people don’t realize that even when the exterior of the deck is looking rough, the substructure can still be sound. If so, redecking is always possible. Our goal is to work with you to make your deck a place that you’re proud of and is completely safe for your enjoyment. During our inspection, we will check the support posts for rot, splitting, and/or abnormal movement. Our technicians will also examine that the attachment points between the house and the deck are sound. All railings, steps, and surfaces will be checked for faults. Once the process is completed you will get a full report on the condition of your deck along with our recommendations.

Next Steps

After the initial evaluation, you’ll have some options to move forward with your decking repairs and/or continued recommended maintenance. After the initial service, we have a product called the Advantage Plan that can save you money while getting the yearly maintenance and cleaning that you need for your deck. If you’re in the Boston, MetroWest, North or South Shore, Cape Cod, South New Hampshire, or Rhode Island area give us a call today at 1-877-SEALADECK to get your evaluation scheduled. Don’t wait for the worst to happen with your deck before getting it the service it needs.


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