How to Keep Your Deck or Patio Free From Leave Stains

Although the autumn in New England is gorgeous, it can have some lasting effects on your wood deck. At Cassidy Paving, leaves are a facet that we have to deal with and we want to make sure that our customers understand the process for maintaining a beautiful and stain-free patio or deck. Here are the top tips from our experts in the decking business.

How to Prevent Leaf Stains on Your Deck


The easiest and best way to avoid leaf stains is by keeping your deck or patio clean, and cleaning regularly. Falling leaves are just a part of living in New England in the fall. The longer the leaves stay on the deck, the better chance their acidic properties will soak into your deck’s wood, leaving stains and possibly wood rot. Your wooden deck or patio will be the recipient of acidic excretions and they can easily erode wooden materials without the proper maintenance and care. Simply sweeping your patio or deck at least once a week throughout the fall should be enough to keep it from getting stains and other damages. You can even use a leaf blower to speed up the task. If you have any stuck on leaves, pressure washing can get most of the debris and grime off before it has a chance to stain, leaving your deck perfectly ready to take on the cooler temperatures.


A great way to make sure that your deck or patio can withstand anything mother nature throws at it is keeping up with your wood deck treatments. Professionals like SEAL-A-DECK, can work with you to maintain the beauty and functionality with the appropriate level of strippers, cleaners, conditioners, and oil sealers. We offer three levels of wood decking treatments that are proven to protect even decks that were installed years ago. These treatments range from a light washing to a full restoration. Doing your treatment plan prior to the beginning of fall will help you keep stains away and preserve your deck throughout various types of weather events.

Covering It Up

If you are tired of sweeping and washing your patio or deck and are looking for a more permanent solution for keeping leaf stains away, you should consider covering it. There are many options for achieving a covering and you don’t have to break your budget. One of the most budget-friendly options is a canopy. This selection can also have screened-in sides for additional protection. If you want a more permanent cover, awnings are highly recommended. These will be built onto your home and can provide enough coverage to keep leaves away. They are also handy in the summer by providing shade from the sun.

Let’s Make a Plan

If the thought of dealing with leaves throughout the fall makes your head spin, you don’t have to do it alone. SEAL-A-DECK would love to help you come up with a maintenance plan that will keep stains and other debris away from your deck or patio. Give us a call today at 1-877-SEALADECK to talk to a professional. We want to provide you with a strategy that will keep your deck in the best shape year-round.


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