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We help Massachusetts homeowners optimize their backyards with beautiful, comfortable outdoor room spaces.

deck providing outdoor room space
deck providing outdoor room space

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Outdoor Living Spaces

The perfect outdoor living space can easily transform your backyard into a comforting haven. Whether you want a place to relax with friends, an outdoor kitchen to use during warmer months, or a cozy under deck space for chilly Massachusetts mornings, SEAL-A-DECK can deliver.

We’ll help you determine and design the outdoor space that best fits your needs and vision. No matter the space you choose, we’ll use your aesthetic and preferences to expand your home’s design, rather than just adding on to it. We’re committed to helping you maintain your budget, so you can have confidence in your outdoor living space’s cost, upkeep, and benefits. Second-story and multi-level decks offer more than one living space, though many homeowners don’t know what to do with the space underneath. At SEAL-A-DECK, we help you make the most of this space and the opportunities it provides.

Outdoor Space Design

Your outdoor space is unique to your home and preferences. At SEAL-A-DECK, we bring your new space to life with the look, feel, and features you’ve been waiting for.

When adding an outdoor living space, we start by understanding the vision you have for your new space. Whether you have a design in mind or not, we can use our experience to help you choose a design that works with your landscape and home. To get a feel for your project, we start by joining you on a Discovery Call, where we discuss:

  • What you want to get from your outdoor living space and the purpose it will serve (outdoor kitchen, under deck dry space, patio, etc.)
  • Your ballpark budget, including what you want to spend and the estimated costs you can expect based on your design

Once we have this information, we visit your home to fully understand the structural needs of your outdoor living space. We also take a look at the existing set-up to make sure your design will work with the space you have.

We are committed to providing outdoor living spaces that surpass your expectations and provide years of enjoyment, so we then work with an architect and engineer to finalize your design. Once we get the final seal of approval, we can review our product options to find the high-quality materials that best fit your project demands.

Giving our customers a stress-free experience is a top priority, so we also handle all permitting required for your project. Once you’ve given your input on the design, we take care of the rest to give you an outdoor living space you can enjoy.

Under Deck Dry Spaces

Second-story and multi-level decks offer more than one living space, though many homeowners don’t know what to do with the space underneath. At SEAL-A-DECK, we help you make the most of this space and the opportunities it provides.

First, we use a dry deck system to seal the area beneath your deck. This system uses waterproofing materials to block moisture, debris, and dirt from your home and deck. Along with protecting this new room from rain and snow, the dry deck system will keep moisture from damaging the infrastructure of your home and deck. Your new under deck space can then serve you and your family for years to come.

Though dry deck systems serve a functional purpose, you can also use them to develop your dry space’s design. Choose from a selection of colors to best fit your style. You can also add fans and ceiling fixtures to make your under deck space more comfortable.

Once we’ve turned your under deck area into a dry space, you can then choose between an open-air design or an enclosed space. Whether you want an outdoor refuge from the snow or a place to enjoy summer’s warmth, we’ll help you find the best option for your under deck living space.

Outdoor Kitchens

People love to gather in the kitchen. Even when food isn’t involved, many meaningful interactions happen across countertops and around kitchen tables. Though we’re used to having kitchens within our homes, you don’t have to keep your gatherings inside. Instead, consider adding an outdoor cooking space to your backyard for more fun under the sun.

Customization is one of the greatest benefits of an outdoor kitchen. At SEAL-A-DECK, we help you decide what to include in your outdoor cooking area based on your budget, needs, and imagination. You can create a traditional kitchen, outfitted with a grill, countertops, and eating space. Or, you can add something special, such as a fire brick oven, fryer, refrigerator, wine cooler, bar seating, or rotisserie.

ternoons and evenings, enjoy the backyard while preparing a delicious meal. Most importantly, we’ll carefully create a space that is protected from the elements to give you an outdoor cooking space that you can use and maintain for as long as possible.

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