Why You Should Check the Wood of Your Deck Annually

As we can all attest to, a lot can change in a year’s time. The same is true for your deck. It is exposed to every element from rain, UV rays, and snow. Your deck takes a beating year round. Because of this, SEAL-A-DECK is a big proponent of annual deck checks for deck owners across New England. These checkups are important to keep your deck in the best shape possible while extending its lifespan. Here are the top reasons why you should not skip those yearly checkups.

Reasons to Check on the Wood of Your Deck

Safety First

Above all other things, the main purpose of an annual deck check is the safety of your family and friends. As you use your deck throughout the year, you may begin to notice boards lifting, rails loosening, or haphazard workmanship from your last contractor. You also need to get the hardware and fasteners examined for functionality. All of these things work as a cohesive unit to provide a safe decking structure. Wood, especially softwoods, are prone to expansion and contraction with the freeze and thaw cycles. When this happens your boards will shift and the grain expands. Undoubtedly, this can sometimes have a negative outcome depending on the overall condition of your deck. Keep your family safe from the deterioration that happens throughout the year by getting an inspection from an experienced decking contractor.

Keeps Costs Down

Catching issues in your deck before they become a big problem that can help save you money. Once your wood is completely rotten or the issue isn’t in just one isolated area, you can expect costs to rise. When you get your deck checked yearly, you can spot issues early on and they are oftentimes a simple fix. Additionally, your contractor may have a warranty on your materials or service and that may be voided if you are not maintaining proper inspection requirements. Not addressing the issue doesn’t save you money. In most cases, it just delays the inevitable and increases your costs.

Preserve Conditions

If you have a newly constructed wooden deck, you will want to keep it in tip-top condition for as long as possible. We know that your investment is important and we can help keep it safe. Wood decks are also a beautiful addition to any home and we want to ensure that you get to enjoy it for as long as possible. Getting a professional to seal, repair, and condition your wood as needed will only increase the amount of time you can enjoy the rich colors for your outdoor living space. We also help preserve the condition of your teak furniture so that it looks amazing for years to come.

Make Your Plan Today

It is never too late to start an annual deck inspection. SEAL-A-DECK makes it easy with our Advantage Plan for those checkups. We provide a yearly service by professionally-trained technicians to assure your deck’s structural integrity and that its current coating is protecting your deck from UV damage, cracking, graying, warping, and splitting. These plans save you money and start at just $249 per year. Give us a call today at 877-SEALADECK to discuss your decking needs and get an appointment for your inspection.


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