What to Expect in a Deck Staining Estimate

what to expect in deck staining estimate

If time, money, and resources were non-factors, most homeowners would invest in all kinds of home improvements at the drop of a hat. This is, of course, not the reality in which we find ourselves, which is why receiving estimates on home renovations is so important. A solid estimate sets clear expectations for the work being done and the costs associated with that work, which helps with budgeting and time management. If you’re thinking about hiring professionals to stain your deck, here’s what to expect in a deck staining estimate.

Be Prepared to Share

As is the case with any estimate, the more information the contractor has, the more accurate their assessment will be. Typically, the contractor will send an assessor to visit the site, speak with you, gather information, take pictures, etc. Of course, it’s not always easy to align schedules, especially during the busy season. To speed things up, some deck staining services offer “Instant Quote” tools, where the homeowner can upload their own photos and input specific details about their deck (dimensions, additional surfaces, etc.) for the contractor to view remotely.

Understand The Cost of Quality

It’s always a good idea to receive estimates from a few different deck staining contractors before making a decision. As you compare these quotes, some are bound to be more expensive than others. Before you jump to the cheapest option, though, consider that quality materials and workmanship come at a premium. In other words, if you’re looking for the best results, you have to expect a higher total cost. That said, you don’t want to get cheated, either. This is why looking up reviews and testimonials is crucial to choosing a contractor.

Consider What Goes into Deck Staining

Aside from quality, all home renovation estimates consist of two main components: labor and materials. The former has to do with how many hours a project will take, how many workers are needed, and the nature of the work itself (i.e. just staining, deck repairs and staining, cleaning, sanding, etc.); the latter involves the costs associated with the necessary tools and products to get the job done (i.e. stain, brushes, rollers, power washers, sanders, etc.). The more extensive the job, the more it will cost. When it comes to deck staining, additional steps such as stripping, sanding, and cleaning are often necessary to achieve the best results, all of which are factored into the estimate.

Size Matters

The size of your deck is another major determining factor in an estimate, as it directly relates to the amount of labor and materials needed to complete the job. To simplify things, your deck stain service will mostly break down their estimate based on a standardized cost per square foot. They might break things down further with a calculation of labor cost per square foot and material cost per square foot. Cost per linear foot may be the measurement used for railings.

Condition Matters, Too

An estimator will also take your deck’s condition into consideration. If your deck is in good shape, less work will be needed to properly stain it. If, on the other hand, you have neglected proper deck maintenance and/or your deck’s wood is quite old, contractors may need to put in some extra work and make some repairs before staining. This additional effort translates to a higher cost.

Get a Grip on Averages

If you’ve never received an estimate for deck sealing before, you might have no idea what it could possibly cost. While every contract is unique, a good way to gain a basic understanding of this particular renovation is by doing some research online. Sites like HomeAdvisor and HomeGuide have up-to-date tools and articles on the average costs of all kinds of home improvements, including deck staining. For instance, HomeAdvisor lists the typical range for a deck staining project in 2020 to be between $540 - $1,050 total ($2-$4 per square foot). While some projects may cost somewhere outside of this range, having an idea of average costs can help you plan and budget accordingly.

Looking for a Fast Deck Staining Estimate?

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