To Repair or Replace: The Big Decking Question

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At SEAL-A-DECK, we know that repairing or replacing your deck is a big decision for anyone. Your deck takes a beating from the sun, rain, and elements just like any other part of your house. The Massachusetts climate can also play a large role in the deterioration of your deck. Our team is here to educate you on the signs to look for when it comes to maintenance or restoration of your deck. They can mean the difference between a quick fix and a total replacement. The North American Deck and Railing Association provides a checklist that we use to determine the final recommendation for replacement or repair.

Diagnosing the Wood

If you have failed to complete yearly maintenance on your deck, the wood has a greater chance of deterioration. The first sign of disrepair is splitting and decaying wood. You can conduct a visual inspection of the entire deck area from the ledger board to the stairs. Also, give the posts a good look over as they can start to rot above and beneath the soil. If you find any areas that are crumbling or retaining water, it may be time for a total replacement. Give a certified decking contractor like SEAL-A-DECK a call as soon as possible to help you determine if any of the wood can be saved. This is the most common (and biggest) warning sign of a failing deck.

Railing, Banisters, and Stairs

This is another tell-tale area that will start showing wear as soon as repair needs to happen. The rails, banisters, and stairs are very important to the safety of your entire deck. The higher the deck is off of the ground, the more you will need for these systems to be in fully functioning order. Your railing and stairs should be firmly attached. The openings should also not be any higher than 4 inches tall. If you’re noticing lifting or cracking in these areas it may be too late to just do minor repairs.


Once it is determined whether repair or replacement is what your deck needs, you should also get in the habit of yearly preventative maintenance. SEAL-A-DECK offers annual wood deck checkups that can mean the difference between budget-friendly fixes or costly replacement in the future. Even after a few years, your deck can begin to warp or weaken. The only way to make sure that your deck is maintaining its load-bearing qualities, safety, and overall esthetic. SEAL-A-DECK technicians are trained to spot even the smallest signs of deterioration and can provide you with a written estimate on the spot for either a repair or replacement.

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Hire the Pros

If you’ve noticed some weakening or instability in your deck, it’s time to call in the experts. SEAL-A-DECK is the trusted leader in decking across Boston and the surrounding areas. We want your deck to be a relaxing space and hosting area for you. It should not be a source of stress. We can get you set up on a maintenance plan as well. Give us a call today at 1-877-SEALADECK.


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