Tips to Protect Your Deck During Winter

When the weather is nice, your deck is the perfect place to relax. However, over the winter, it can be easy to overlook this important outdoor living area. With proper prevention and careful snow removal, you can reduce winter weather damage to the deck from snow and freezing temperatures. Here are the essential tips to help you keep your deck protected from the elements during those cold and snowy months:

Keep it clean

Check the forecast, and before the snow falls, give your deck a quick sweep with a broom. This will remove any debris, like pine needles, leaves, and dirt and dust. Find a temporary new home for planters and flower pots. This is important because pots and planters can allow moisture to become trapped underneath, which can both stain and weaken deck boards. Also consider storing away any furniture or decorative items. The less left sitting out on the deck, the better.

Shovel with care

Since decks are made out of treated lumber, the boards are designed to be able to withstand moisture. However, when you look out and see that snow has piled up on your deck, it’s tempting to want to shovel it off. You may even need to remove the snow in order to get out of the door and access the deck stairs. Do so very carefully, being sure that you don’t hit the deck with the shovel. Hitting the deck boards with a shovel can leave dings, scratches, and unsightly scrapes. Opt for a small plastic shovel and aim to lift the snow off without coming into contact with the deck boards. An even safer option is to use a broom or push brush to remove the snow from some areas and clear a path.

Keep these two key tips in mind to avoid deck damage during the winter. With a little prevention and care, you can ensure that your deck will be in good shape once the spring season arrives.

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