Three Safety Tips for Deck Fireplaces and Fire Pits


Are you considering adding a fireplace or fire pit to your home’s deck? Although these are popular additions to any outdoor living space in the Northeast, there are very particular rules you must follow when having them installed to ensure the safety and functionality of the heating element. The SEAL-A-DECK team wants to make sure you both enjoy your deck and are safe while doing so. There are many shapes, sizes, and types from which to choose and we are certain we can help you find the best fit for your price and aesthetic. By following our tips below, you can get the best out of both worlds.

Choosing a Type

The entire group of SEAL-A-DECK technicians can agree on one thing: you should not have a live fire on your deck. This is a very dangerous idea. Your wood, composite, or vinyl deck can be easily lit on fire by sparks or embers from the wood pit. Don’t be discouraged though; there are many other safe and beautiful fire feature options for your deck. We recommended gas fireplaces for a very similar aesthetic and they provide a beautiful focal point for your outdoor living space. You really won’t be able to tell the difference from live natural wood fires to a gas fireplace.

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Placement Matters

If you are set on having a fire pit or fireplace for your deck there are safe ways to install them. Deciding where to put the fire pit/place is the foundation of making sure you stay safe. Backyard Toasty recommends to “position your fire pit in a relatively low-traffic area to reduce unintended contact with the fire pit or its hot contents” and “be aware of and position your fire pit away from overhead structures (i.e. roofed-in patio, awnings, etc.) and tree branches.” When working with your SEAL-A-DECK expert, they will evaluate your deck for the safest place to install your fire feature.

Weight Requirements

Another thing to consider is whether your choice of fire feature can be safely installed on your deck due to the weight. If your fire pit or fireplace has a stone base, it will be even heavier. Also, the supports and additional accessories needed will add even more weight. Prior to installing, you will need a thorough evaluation from a certified and experienced decking company like SEAL-A-DECK. Any sort of weakness or deteriorating foundation in your deck will become a safety hazard upon fireplace or fire pit installation. Our thorough evaluation will find any vulnerabilities and we can address those prior to your fire feature installation.

Let’s Make a Plan

If you’re ready to discuss the options for a fire feature on your deck, we would love to chat. Give us a call today at 1-877-SEALADECK today to start the planning process. We can make an appointment at your convenience to evaluate the soundness of your deck and figure out where your new fireplace or fire pit can be installed. We service a variety of areas in Massachusetts including Cohasset, Marblehead, Sharon, and as well as many others.

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