Three Reasons to Install Pine Decking

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When you begin the design process for your new deck you will most likely be bombarded with material options. If you are being mindful of your budget but also want high quality, SEAL-A-DECK highly suggests pine for your deck needs. As Hunker Magazine says, “With a variety of applications that include paper manufacturing, moldings, construction lumber, furniture, floors and cabinets, pine could be considered one of the most widely used domestic softwoods on the market.” Our experts recommend pine wood decking regularly and these are the top reasons why.

Best Value Product on the Market

The bottom line is that pine wood decking is by far the best value for the price. Southern yellow pine is the most popular type and it is readily available throughout the United States. Due to its accessibility, the price will be lower than other wood types. According to improvenet, the minimum cost of pine decks is $5 per square foot and the maximum across Massachusetts would be $11 per square foot. The affordability of pine will give you more selections for your investment and the ability to truly design a deck that fits your aesthetic and desires.

Pine Creates Sturdy Structures

Pine is continually the go-to for providing a sturdy structure for decking and other construction projects for residences. Even though it is listed in the “softwood” category of wood classification, it is by far one of the strongest woods that you can use. It has the highest amount of compression and strength of any other wood that you can find in the country. SEAL-A-DECK uses pressure-treated pine when we do use this wood type. Pressure-treating the pine places it in a sealed compartment that forcibly chemically preserves the boards. If you keep up the maintenance on your pine decking, it can last for many years to come.

Enhances Beauty of Your Home

If you’re looking for a decking material that allows you to make it your own, pine is the way to go. You can paint it or stain it specifically to meet your design preferences. Maybe you want to match your new deck to your home or other structure. Pine can do that for you. This wood type is porous enough to accept any type of paint or stain that you like. When SEAL-A-DECK installs your new structure, we will work with you to match the color exactly to what you have in mind. Oftentimes, we use a translucent stain on pine decking because it offers UV protection and limited peeling.

Ready to Install Your Deck?

At SEAL-A-DECK we look forward to working with every customer to provide decking options that fit your budget and design preferences. When you’re ready to upgrade your outdoor living space with a deck, give us a call at 1-877-SEALADECK. Pine affords our customers the least upfront costs to get a brand new deck. Our in-house designers and contractors specialize in customized options for decking, railing, lighting, and outdoor living areas. SEAL-A-DECK experts will collaborate with you throughout the entire design process to design the pine deck that you deserve.


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