Three Benefits of SEAL-A-DECK's Advantage Plan

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At SEAL-A-DECK we want to make caring for your deck as easy as possible on the customer. We know you have many other things to think about than checking and repairing your deck. With our Advantage Plan, we make it easier than ever to evaluate and afford the maintenance that comes with being a deck owner. Here are the benefits you’ll receive as an Advantage Plan member with SEAL-A-DECK.

Inclusive and Easy

Our mission is to make your deck maintenance something you don’t have to fret about. With the Advantage Plan, you’ll get an annual discounted wash with biodegradable cleaner and conditioning every year right after the pollen season. This will remove any grime, acidity, or containments that have built up. You will also receive your annual inspection by one of our professional technicians to ensure that your deck is following the proper safety guidelines. We follow the North American Deck and Railing Association 10-point safety checklist so that there’s nothing left undetected. Some of those guidelines are to inspect for split or decaying wood, sound flashing, loose or corroded fasteners, railing and stairs, and much more. This plan is also easy to keep in your busy schedule. We will automatically schedule your service each year and email you to remind you that we have your appointment. You don’t even have to be home if your schedule doesn’t allow. Your maintenance is fit around your life.

Cost Friendly

Everyone is on a budget and we want to always be mindful of yours. After an initial service of about $2,000, you will be eligible to receive all of the plan’s benefits for starting at just $249 per year. You will also receive exclusive plan member discounts on teak furniture cleaning and oiling, future deck maintenance, and deck lighting and other upgrades. Home Advisor has found that nationally deck replacements can cost anywhere from $4,000 to $11,000. The savings for you is evident. It is also much more cost-efficient if you take care of decking issues when they are small. It will only cost more the longer you wait to get things taken care of. Rotting wood itself can cost upwards of $500. Keeping that in mind, the Advantage Plan is the best way to go.

Keeps You Safe

The real top priority for us at SEAL-A-DECK is making sure that you’re safe while enjoying your outdoor spaces. Decks can become hazardous if not properly maintained. The Consumer Product Safety Commission estimates that around 20 million decks across the country are either structurally unsound or a potential hazard. Don’t let yours be another statistic. Let’s make sure your deck is safe to enjoy.

Sign Up Today

If you are ready to join our other happy Advantage Plan members, give the SEAL-A-DECK team a call today at 1-877-SEALADECK. We have many happy customers across Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and South New Hampshire. Don’t let another year go by without taking proper care of your deck. We have the professional and knowledgeable service to help you year-round.

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