The Benefits of a Composite Deck

composite deck benefits massachusetts

More people across the country are finding out the amazing benefits of a composite deck. These decks are traditionally made from a combination of different materials like wood and plastic. Those materials are then processed and formed into the appearance of traditional wood. SEAL-A-DECK is proud to offer composite decking options to customers across Massachusetts, southern New Hampshire, and Rhode Island. Because of the numerous advantages, composite decks are increasing in popularity and we will list some of those reasons below.

Less Maintenance

If your priorities include spending as little time on upkeep for your deck as possible, composite decking is a good choice for you. Traditional decks require regular maintenance at least every three years. They also need replacing periodically. If that sounds like something you’re not interested in, composite decking is the best solution. Composite decks never need to be sanded, sealed, or painted. This saves you a lot of time and money over the years. The only maintenance for your composite deck will be the occasional wash and scrub. This can be done yourself or through SEAL-A-DECK if you aren’t interested in any DIY projects, and we suggest doing so about twice a year as well as sweeping it every so often.

Amazing Durability

The durability of a composite deck simply cannot be matched with wood. Although composite materials are more costly upfront, you won’t have to replace them as you would have to with traditional options. Your deck will be exposed to all that Mother Nature has to offer including intense UV rays, rain, wind, and more. Composite will not warp, splinter, or fade like wood will. This material is a “set-it-and-forget-it” option for our busy customers. You won’t have to worry about your deck being compromised throughout the year as you would with traditional decking material options. An added bonus is that many composite manufacturers offer warranties on their products that help secure your investment. SEAL-A-DECK also provides customers with a one year “no worries” guarantee that adds even more security to your peace of mind.

Match Your Home’s Aesthetic

One of the best reasons to choose composite decking is for the amazing variety of color and visual options. Composite can be created with various types of wood grain effects and patterns. If you have a particular aesthetic you are trying to match, composite will be the best option for you. SEAL-A-DECK can help you shop through the various manufacturers to find what fits your specific decking preferences. Whether you want your deck to match your home or any other structure, we can find a composite option that works for you.

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If you are interested in learning more about the composite decking options available for your home, give us a call today at 1-877-SEALADECK. We would love to get you a free estimate and design meeting scheduled to discuss all the ways composite decks can be an amazing investment for your family. It is time to extend your living quarter outside with a deck that works for you.


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