Solve Storage Problems with an Under-Deck Ceiling

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Did you know that there may be untapped space at your home that can solve your storage problem? Many people overlook the space underneath their deck and this unused space can be converted into just about anything. At SEAL-A-DECK we pride ourselves on bringing innovative and smart solutions to our customer’s issues. Providing usable solutions for your outdoor storage is something that can be achieved within your budget and aesthetic. If you have unused space sitting below your deck right now, let’s work together to figure out ways to use that space to make your life easier.

How Under-Deck Ceilings Work

If you have a raised deck, there is space underneath that can be used for anything from an additional entertainment area to storage. SEAL-A-DECK uses high-quality materials from TimberTech called DrySpace. It is used for an under deck water management system that allows the space to be usable without the hassle of being in the elements. We like using this method because it was completely developed with second-story decks in mind. Once the ceiling is installed, that entire area will remain dry. You then have the option to add siding, screens, or any other design elements that appeal to your needs and aesthetics. Siding can also give you an increased level of privacy and security.

Choosing the Right Storage Options

You will have the option of creating storage that remains wet or dry. Of course, dry storage will need siding elements or DrySpace installed and we recommend installing your storage in a space that will remain dry. Any material other than plastic runs the risk of rot if not properly elevated.

The next thing to consider is what type of things you will place in storage. For entertaining, gardening, or even pool supplies we can install benches with a hidden hinge. These benches will serve as storage as well as additional entertainment space. We will work together to plan a storage area that works for you.

Working Through the Design Planning

One of the great things about working with SEAL-A-DECK is that you, the customer, are involved from the very beginning. The project will begin with a thorough “design planning” meeting with you via phone or in-person. Our in-house architect will make sure that we are meeting your goals with design as well as the budget. Because of the collaborative nature of these meetings, it is helpful for us to know all the ins and outs of the space and your expectations. The goal is to optimize the deck that you have so that it is working for you. We can also discuss ways to enhance it moving forward.

Solve Your Storage Issues Today

Our experienced team is ready to help you achieve exactly what you’re looking for in your under-deck storage. We want to help you build a deck that not only is an extension of your home but serves a purpose. Give us a call today at 1-877-SEALADECK to get started. Our service area includes many areas across Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and New Hampshire and we look forward to the opportunity to add you to the list of satisfied SEAL-A-DECK customers.


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