Simple Ways to Customize Your Deck

Your deck should be an extension of your home, adding valuable outdoor living space. Like any other room, you can come up with a design that best suits your needs and your style. Here are some simple ways to customize your deck:

Brainstorm and Plan

Before you jump into decorating, brainstorm ideas based on the features that you really want to include. Think about what your ideal deck looks like, how you’ll utilize the space, and what elements are essential to you. Coming up with a layout will help you maximize the functionality of the deck. By planning first, you’ll be able to set it up exactly how you want it and begin to enjoy it right away.

Create Zones

Designate different zones on the deck to serve different purposes. For example, create a seating area that can primarily be used for relaxation and entertaining. If you’ll be cooking on the deck, choose the best spot to place the grill. If space allows, make a separate area for dining. By creating distinct zones with specific purposes, you’ll be able to maximize the space. It’s a smart way to ensure that every area serves a functional purpose.

Plant a container garden

Your deck can serve as more than a place to grill and hang out. If you’re lacking in lawn space to plant a garden, create one right on the deck. A simple container garden is a great way to add colorful flowers and greenery, bringing beauty and vibrancy. You can also plant herbs and vegetables, giving you easy access to fresh food right at home. Add a water feature

A simple water feature transforms any deck into a tranquil escape. If you’re seeking a quiet place to kick back, a fountain may be the perfect solution. The soft sound of flowing water can aid in stress relief, helping you calm and quiet your mind for a few moments. There are many different types of water features to choose from. It certainly doesn’t have to be big, like a pond or a waterfall, to have the desired effect of creating a soothing setting. Small fountains can be tucked into corners or placed on railings or tabletops.

Install mood lighting

You may be surprised at how much lighting can impact the way your outdoor living space looks and feels. When it comes to deck lighting, there are several options to consider. You can hang up a string of white bistro lights, use solar lights, install post and railing fixtures, or utilize a wall fixture. You may find that a combination of all of these works best. You don’t want to overwhelm the area with bright lights. The key is to keep it subtle in the evening hours so that you can enjoy the natural outdoor atmosphere.

Don’t settle for a simple, uninspired outdoor space. Transform your deck by planning out the essential elements you want to include. Customize it with both design and functional features to make it an area you’ll use and enjoy throughout the year.


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