4 Reasons to Seal Your Deck Before Winter

Winters in New England are unpredictable at best. In 2014, we had record snowfall and cold temperatures; in 2015, we had a mild “winter” that saw barely half the wintry weather of the year before. And last year the Farmer’s Almanac predicted an extremely cold and snowy winter for the Northeastern US, which didn’t happen. For this year the Farmer’s Almanac is predicting mild, yet wet weather.

We have been blessed with a beautiful summer this year; many days spent entertaining (or just lazing!) on your deck in the sun. With another uncertain forecast coming up, precautions must be taken in order for your deck to last through the winter. While many people wait until the temperate weather of spring to seal their deck, it’s a wise idea to beat the rush and do it this autumn. We’ve put together a few reasons why you should seal your deck before winter rather than after.

The Right Temperature

There’s lots of freezing and thawing going on in New England every year. With every temperature change, wood expands and contracts. Fibers can become brittle, causing premature breakage and a worn appearance. When fibers expand, water can seep inside and freeze, causing even more damage. Sealing your deck before the harsh winter season can protect against this wear-and-tear and prevent the need for more work to be done in the spring.

Water, Keep Out!

Water and wood don’t generally mix well. When you seal your deck, you put a layer of protection between your prepped wood and the weapons of the environment: wind, rain, sleet, snow… anything winter can throw at you. With the winter we have in store, who knows what that could be. Getting your deck treated as close to winter as possible means that the sealant will be in tip-top shape all season.

Snowy Deck in Winter
Snowy Deck in Winter

Shovelling and Chemical Protection

While shovelling your deck isn’t strictly recommended, there are instances in which it can’t be avoided. When that is the case, having a well-sealed deck and proper snow and ice removal techniques could save your deck this winter. If you do need to shovel, make sure to use a plastic shovel and shovel with the planks, not against them. We’ll be covering proper snow and ice care on your deck in a later post.

Even if you’re not with us in the Northeast, most of the US is expecting a snowy winter. Make plans to thoroughly clean and seal your deck today! Call us at (978) 538-7325 and ask about our “end of summer” special.


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