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The way to save money with your fence over time is all about preserving what you already have. At SEAL-A-DECK we work to treat fences to keep the viability of your entire outdoor living space intact. Your fence is just as important as the deck itself and it helps you with both privacy and safety. With your priorities in mind, our experts work to save you money with treatments that fit your needs and budget. Home Advisor says that you will on average pay $2,762 to install your wooden fence. That is a significant investment that our team wants to maintain for as long as possible.

Reasons to Preserve

If you’re doing periodic maintenance on your deck, you should also be doing the same for your fence. You may be asking yourself why the fence is important. SEAL-A-DECK technicians know that as a cohesive unit, your entire outdoor living space can only function well if all parts are in great condition. Your fence takes a consistent beating from the sun. The sun side and the shade side of your fence could be in totally different conditions, therefore must be treated appropriately. Temperature differentials and UV exposure can cause the boards of your fence to stress resulting in cracks and splits. Usually, fence boards are only an inch thick and any amount of prolonged UV exposure creates stress from the contraction and expansion.

How We Preserve Fencing

SEAL-A-DECK is well-versed on the ways to keep your fence in great condition. An annual application of a wooden fence stain and UV protectant sealer shields your fence and maintains its aesthetic appeal while also being cost­-effective. This sealer will keep the moisture out and protect against UV rays and other elements. A bit of prevention can help save you a good deal of money. It will be much cheaper to get a yearly stain or sealer than it would be to completely replace a fence. We can also fix any peeling or flaking with a light surface sanding, and we will target mildew and replace any rotten wood. At the very end, we will wash, condition, and rinse to reveal a beautifully preserved fence to match your home and deck.

Saving Money With SEAL-A-DECK

Although you may think ignoring maintenance for your fence is saving money, it really is better to get even the smallest issues repaired. Our team makes it easy for you to get the maintenance you need when you need it with our Advantage Plan. This plan allows you to keep your maintenance on schedule and starts at just $249 per year. Not only is this an easy way to save your money, but it is also a discount on services you would receive otherwise without the plan. Your washes and inspections will be included in the plan and any repairs are performed at a discount.

Schedule Your Fence Maintenance

If your fence has taken a beating, it is time to call in the experts at SEAL-A-DECK. We offer deck, fencing, furniture, and lighting services to customers across Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and southern New Hampshire. Give us a call to get a free quote at 1-877-SEAL-A-DECK or fill out our online form.


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