Porch vs. Deck Winter Treatments

If you have an outdoor space that you love to use year-round there are many things you can do to protect it against a harsh New England winter. SEAL-A-DECK has seen the damage that can come from winter treatment neglect and it can be costly and time-consuming. Decks and porches alike are often centerpieces of house parties and family fun, so don’t let your space become unusable due to a lack of wintertime preparedness. Here are some ways to prepare your porch and/or deck for a long winter.

Porch Preparations

Many people love to use their porch, especially screened-in, for as long as the weather allows. Here at SEAL-A-DECK, we have found some easy and clever ways to keep ice and snow from causing damage. The first thing we suggest is sweeping your porch before it snows. You may also want to pressure wash or mop the area to ensure that all debris is taken care of prior to snowfall. If you have curtains, removable cushions, and/or pillowcases make sure to either completely take them in for the winter or have them newly laundered and dried before bringing them back onto the porch. You should also wipe down the walls of your screened-in porch to remove anything that may cause mold or bacteria growth once it is sealed off. Screened sections of porches are fairly easy to cover for the winter. This can even be a simple DIY project for you. We recommend using plastic measured specifically for your screened sections to protect your porch from ice, wind, or snow throughout the wintertime.

Deck Winter Preparedness

A deck is built to withstand a considerable amount of damage and weight, but that does not mean that you should ignore winter preparations. Sometimes decks are not covered and this can be the specific reason why winter storms can leave a disastrous mark on them. Snow is heavier than it appears. Grouping your furniture and tying them together in one space can help keep snow and ice from causing too much damage from movement. If you neglect your deck upkeep throughout the winter, the load can be significant and can cause material failure, or even most often soil shifts beneath your structure. We always suggest shoveling your deck when the snow gets over a foot deep.

Winter Treatments for Every Structure

Although people may think that there are a lot of differences between preparing a porch or deck for the winter, the basic winter treatment options are suggested best practices across the board. Prior to the first snowfall, you should make any improvements needed. Winter can cause many shifts in your deck or porch’s material and this only exacerbates issues with loose boards, wobbling rails, or even rotting areas. Don’t let these repairs wait until the spring. It will cost you more money the longer you wait. SEAL-A-DECK even offers the Advantage Plan to make upkeep easier throughout the year and it also saves you money.

Get Winter Ready

If you have an outdoor living space that needs some attention, SEAL-A-DECK is here to help. We offer wood deck, porch, and patio repairs, design, construction, and maintenance for homes and businesses across New England. Call us today at 1-877-SEALADECK for a free estimate.


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