Our Deck Restoration Services Target These Problematic Areas

If you’re like most homeowners in Massachusetts, you spend countless hours on your deck during the summer months soaking up the sun’s invigorating rays. But that sunlight, along with moisture, foot traffic, and wood-boring pests can take a toll on your once beautiful deck. Warped, cracked, split, cupped and loose boards combine to create a sinister recipe for injurious falls. At Seal-a-Deck, our reliable deck check-up and restoration services are designed to target several problematic deck areas before a disaster strikes, starting with these.

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What We Look for

Using our proven deck check-up formula, one of our pros will assess the condition of your deck, from top to bottom, for these telltale damage signs:

• Wood rot

• Insect infestations

• Splintering or cupping

• Loose nails, screws, bolts, fasteners, and connectors

• Excessive wear-and-tear

• Weakened posts, joists, and beams

When finished, you will then be provided with a written estimate for our repair services.

Our Meticulous Deck Repair Process

You wouldn’t know by looking at them, but decks are very complex structures. That’s why our job-tested deck check-up and repair process includes steps that the average Massachusetts homeowner wouldn’t even consider. Here are all the deck areas we target:


We will totally assess your stairs, including the treads, steps, stringers, handrails, balusters and support posts. The bottommost step and bottom ends of the stringers are the most susceptible to moisture, bugs and wood rot. Unattractive Mold and mildew also tend to grow there, which can cause dangerous slips and falls. Other signs of structural damage include large cracks, missing fasteners and loose connections. We also check the top of the staircase to make sure it’s not pulling away from the deck.

Our team will then repair your damaged stairs with high-quality replacement materials. While doing so, you may want to consider changing your deck’s look with:

• A different step material like PVC or composite

• Closed stairs

• Open stringer stairs

• Contemporary stairs


Rickety deck railings and balusters can give way without warning and cause serious injuries to those who were leaning on them. In Massachusetts, any deck that’s higher than 30 inches off the ground is required by code to have perimeter railings around its border. Railing repairs that we do target unsound railing posts and other components that are rotted, cracked or unstable. We will also make sure that your railing posts are fastened securely, and that all unsafe areas are replaced.

A railing repair project is also a great time to refresh your deck’s tired old look using:

• Horizontal, vertical or diagonal rails

• Metal, glass or PVC rails

• Stainless steel cable rails

• Rail lighting (Ask us for some creative ideas!)

• A privacy wall

Deck Posts

Most deck posts are pressure-treated lumber that lasts for decades. But your deck’s posts are very noticeable to others, so if they’re faded, warped, or cracked it lowers your structure’s overall curb appeal. And, because they support the entire weight of your deck, posts that have serious wood rot are also simply not safe. If your deck posts need to be replaced, the team at Seal-a-Deck can do so using a variety of materials and styles that will impress your guests, including:

• Accent posts

• Clad (coated) posts

• Metal posts

• PVC posts

Stylish post caps are also another easy and inexpensive way to add a personal touch to your deck!


If kept up properly, pressure-treated pine and cedar will last for 15 to 20 years. But your decking is exposed to lots of foot traffic and moisture, and decks low to the ground have poor ventilation that increases their odds for wood rot and insect infestations.

During a deck assessment, our team member will look for and mark for replacement damaged decking boards that are warped, split, soft, or that have curled up edges. Protruding nails and screws will also be targeted. Any replaced boards will be carefully stained and sealed to match the rest of your deck.

When several decking boards need to be replaced, and the deck’s supporting structure is otherwise sound, we oftentimes recommend a redecking project instead of general repairs. A redecking project is also a great opportunity to change your deck’s aesthetics by adding a very low-maintenance, cost-effective material like PVC or composite.

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