Is the Deck Doctor In? The Importance of Annual Wood Check Ups

is deck doctor in importance annual wood check ups

It’s no secret that visiting a doctor every 1-3 years for a check-up is important for maintaining one’s overall health and identifying potential issues that need addressing. As it turns out, your wooden deck can benefit from the same level of attention. After all, even if you stay on top of regular wood deck maintenance (i.e. sweeping, cleaning, etc.), it often takes an expert (let’s call them deck doctors) to diagnose serious points of concern and do something about them. With that in mind, let’s explore why it’s so important to receive annual wood check-ups for your deck.

Avoid Large, Expensive Repairs

A new deck installation doesn’t come cheap, but the costs associated with a wooden deck don’t end once it has been built. Even a small issue, such as moisture intrusion or wood splintering, can snowball into major structural problems that require significant repairs (if not total wood deck replacement) down the road. By having your deck inspected once a year, you can stay on top of any small concerns and make the necessary repairs before they get worse, saving you potentially thousands in the long run.

Extend Your Wooden Deck’s Lifespan

Nothing lasts forever, including wooden decks. That said, annual wood check-ups can help you keep your deck around as long as possible. Decking experts can perform various wood deck repairs, apply stains and treatments, replace boards, update the lighting, install roofing, and much more. All of these services contribute to further protecting your deck and maintaining its structural integrity.

Ensure Continual Deck Safety

You cannot (nor should you) fully enjoy your deck if it puts you and others at risk. Over time, even a well-constructed and properly installed deck can deteriorate due to forces of nature (i.e. pests, moisture, impact, rot, etc.). If left unchecked, this degradation can lead to structural weakness, which can result in a collapse. Additionally, loose rails or steps can create tripping/falling hazards. Sometimes, these issues can be hard to see, which is why it’s wise to call a deck doctor at least once a year for a deck “check up.”

Retain and Restore Your Deck’s Beauty

Your deck’s structural integrity is, of course, the most important thing here, but you want your deck to look great, too. Fortunately, receiving annual wood check-ups help you achieve this goal as well. Your decking experts will let you know if it’s time for a new coating and help you pick the best deck refinishing option for your needs and desires. Generally speaking, your deck will require a new treatment every 2-3 years or so.

Maintain Your Home’s Value

A wooden deck is a major investment, one that instantly adds value to any property. Of course, if your deck deteriorates, so will the added value it brings. Conversely, taking great care of your deck will allow you to retain or even enhance its value, yielding a strong return on investment. In this sense, hiring deck repair and restoration experts to examine your deck annually will help you keep your property in high demand.

Wood is a durable, beautiful material, but it’s also vulnerable to various environmental threats. If you have a wooden deck, then, you must be prepared to protect, repair, and restore it, much in the same way you maintain your personal health. In doing so, you will save money in the long-term, keep your deck around longer, remain safe when enjoying your deck, maintain its appearance, and boost your home’s market value. If all of this sounds desirable, the deck doctors at SEAL-A-DECK are always on call.

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