Incorporating Trees and Plants into Your Deck Design

At SEAL-A-DECK, we often work with clients that are open to their design concept as long as the outcome is comfortable and beautiful. Our in-house designers can help bridge the indoors and outdoors by incorporating trees and plants into your decking plans. From Boston to Rhode Island, we understand the landscape and how to work with it to achieve a stunning deck design. The great thing about using the outdoors in your design is that it can take on a variety of shapes and styles that is uniquely customizable for your space. Here are a few ways that we can combine the beauty of our design with what Mother Nature has already created.

Using What You Have

Rather than treating the outdoors of your home as a nuisance in the construction of your deck, we can use what your home already has to create a gorgeous complement to your landscape. If you have a large tree in your backyard or plants that are worth saving, we can design something that will do that. Trees can provide shade and add curb appeal for your home. At our design meetings, we will have the opportunity to consult with you on the things that are most important to your new deck, how you’ll want to use or not use what you already have on your property, and what your budget is. All of these things are not only important to you, but to the team at SEAL-A-DECK.

Carving out Areas

If you don’t already have the trees and plants you would like to incorporate into your outdoor living space, we can always carve out space for them. Having a garden area seamlessly integrated into your deck can provide a centerpiece that isn’t typically found in most deck designs. These open spaces don’t require additional configuration and are strategically placed for your future plants to receive the right amount of moisture, shade, and sun.

Building Planters or Using Pots

If you want to add more plants or greenery to your new deck, building in planters and/or using potted plants will be an easy way to do this. We are able to customize your planters with the exact materials used in your deck. Building in planters will be convenient for you to change out the plants as needed or whenever you want to update the look of your outdoor living space. Potted plant addition is a very budget-friendly way to achieve beautiful variety on your deck without much effort.

Expert Design Services

SEAL-A-DECK isn’t your typical deck company. There is no cookie-cutter approach to providing the perfect deck for your needs. Our design team starts each new construction with a brainstorming session with our clients where we discuss what your hopes are and what your budget is. After setting the stage for your design, we will have plans ready for you and a timeline for construction to begin. Give us a call today at 1-866-SEALADECK or complete our instant quote form to start your deck construction process. We can incorporate your landscape and any other design elements on your wishlist into your new outdoor living space.


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