How Weakened Support Posts Can Quickly Threaten Your Entire Deck

You’ve probably seen pictures of Massachusetts decks that collapsed because their aging support posts could no longer hold up the structure’s weight. If your wood deck is over 10 years old, it may have weakened support posts that are threatening the entire structure, which means it’s unsafe for those summer BBQs with family and friends.

Deck Support Post Warning Signs

Most wood decks in Massachusetts were built with support posts made from pressure-treated Southern yellow pine, which holds up well to the elements for about 10 to 15 years. But water, wind, the sun’s UV rays and wood-boring pests can damage those posts, resulting in wood rot, large cracks and loose connections. When a Seal-a-Deck technician conducts a deck check-up, these are some of the deck post warning signs they look for:

• Wood rot, notably just above ground level

• Excessive splitting or warping

• Soft areas indicative of wet or dry rot and/or insect infestations

• Loose or rusted fasteners, like nuts, bolts and screws

• How vertical (plumb) the posts are

If your deck is over 20 years old, the builder may have used 4” x 4” posts instead of the required 6” x 6” posts that we install today. In addition, if your deck is over 10 feet off the ground, it’s supposed to have extra supports to ensure that its safe for numerous occupants. If one or more dangerous posts are found during a check-up, they will need to be promptly replaced.

Our Deck Support Post Repair Formula

Once a post has the early signs of wood rot, it will usually continue to worsen. Most all deck posts are buried 20 to 24 inches deep in the ground, and set in concrete. If you hire Seal-a-Deck to perform your post repairs, this is the proven formula that we use:

1. Your deck will first be jacked up so that we can access the targeted support post(s). The damaged post(s) will then be removed, and all debris properly disposed of, recycled or re-purposed.

2. The new post(s) will then be set in concrete and installed to the deck beams using moisture-resistant galvanized or stainless-steel bolts, screws and connectors. We can also install long-lasting, decorative post sleeves for added protection and aesthetics.

3. A customized deck stain or sealer will be applied to ensure that the new wood blends naturally and seamlessly with the existing wood.

4. When finished, our crew will leave your home and yard just like we found them when we first arrived!

Creative Deck Post Sleeve Designs

Your deck’s support posts are one of the first things others notice about your structure when viewing it from the yard. As a result, while replacing one or more of your support posts, why not consider refreshing your deck’s look by adding some decorative post sleeves? The newer materials that are available are not only low maintenance, they will also provide visual contrast that boosts your deck’s curb appeal. Here are some of the custom post sleeves we install at Seal-a-Deck:

• Accent post sleeves

• Clad (coated) post sleeves

• Metal post sleeves

• PVC post sleeves

Adding some decorative post caps will also inject more eye pop into your outdoor escape. For decks that are open underneath, we can also install privacy walls for a cleaner look that will also keep curious animals from nesting there. For additional creative deck post design ideas, please visit our website at: now!

Expert Deck Repairs for Homeowners in Massachusetts

Replacing tired old deck posts with new ones will improve both your structure’s safety and aesthetics. When you need some expert deck repair services, call the pros at Seal-a-Deck. Since 2003, we’ve been providing homeowners throughout Massachusetts with affordable and reliable deck check-ups, repairs, refinishing, redecking projects, and new deck constructions.

To book a no-obligation, residential deck check-up today, call Seal-a-Deck at 978-538-7325, or get a deck repair estimate within minutes by using our convenient Instant Quote feature now!


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