How to Throw the Ultimate Backyard Barbecue

When the weather’s nice, make the most of your outdoor living space by hosting get-togethers. A backyard barbecue is a perfect way to bring friends and family together for summertime fun. Here are some tips on how to throw the ultimate backyard barbecue:

Menu Options

Plan the menu so that you have a variety of food options for your guests. Make sure frozen meats are thawed and ready to go on the grill. Keep in mind that not everyone will want to eat meat, so throw some fresh veggies on the grill. Set out snacks that people can munch on throughout the day. Lastly, don’t forget about dessert.

Backup Fuel

There’s nothing worse when you’re entertaining than firing up the grill and finding out that your fuel tank is empty. It can be especially embarrassing when you have hungry guests waiting for food. Always have an extra tank of propane ready to hook up so that the grilling of the grub won’t be interrupted.

Keep Drinks Cold

Cold beverages are one of the key ingredients to a barbecue. Place a few coolers filled with ice and drinks around the deck. It’ll be much more convenient than having guests go inside every time they need a refill. Coolers will also save you space in the fridge.

Provide Shade

It can get hot at a barbecue under the bright sun, so guests will be looking for places to kick back and cool off. Provide a few shady areas with an awning, umbrellas, or seating arranged under trees. An umbrella on the deck should be situated in or around the dining table.

Fun & Games

Every great barbecue has games for guests to enjoy. From corn hole to horseshoes to water balloons, there are tons of ways to have fun. Set up different stations with games and activities that guests can jump right into throughout the day.

Supply Sunscreen

Since barbecues are mainly enjoyed outdoors, sun exposure is inevitable. You don’t want your guests to go home with sunburn, though. A nice thing to do is to supply a bottle or two of sunscreen that guests can use. Don’t forget to apply it to your own skin for protection, too.

Must-Have Music

Parties simply have to have music, and barbecues are no exception. Background music can keep the mood upbeat. Put together an hours-long playlist of your favorite summer songs and set up speakers on the deck.

Avoid Insect Intruders

Don’t let insects intrude on your backyard bash. Bugs can be a real buzzkill when you’re enjoying the outdoors and trying to eat. Place insect-repelling candles and torch lights around the deck. Use screens to keep bugs out of food if you’re serving it outside. It’s also helpful to have bug spray handy for guests to use, especially if the mosquitoes are out.

Planning and preparation are the keys to throwing an incredible backyard barbecue. Show your guests a great time by focusing on delicious food, cold drinks, and plenty of fun.


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