How to Remove Leave Stains From Your Deck

The fall colors across New England are considered the best in the country. Although the trees and their stunning leaves provide gorgeous scenery around our area, the leaves they lose have no place on your deck. Foliage on your deck can leave stains that are not only unsightly but hard to remove. SEAL-A-DECK is here to help you understand why leaves are harmful to your deck and how we can get those pesky stains out if you do happen to get them.

Removing the Leaves

Keeping leaves off of your deck is so important to maintaining its aesthetics. Leaves are acidic and contain oils from the trees they came from. These oils and acids easily break down the sealer and wood of your deck. The first thing you need to do is make sure that you’re removing leaves before they have a chance to change the condition of your wood. Just by sweeping or leaf blowing once a week you will combat this issue. If you’re not able to do this maintenance yourself, we suggest hiring a landscaping company to help you keep your deck in good condition throughout the fall.

Professional Cleaning

SEAL-A-DECK offers professional cleaning treatments if despite your best effort you have these stains on your deck. We know that decay spots are not something you want to deal with, so we have a plan. Depending on the condition of your decking material, we will choose between sanding and stripping. According to SFGate, “solvent strippers work far more quickly than sanding and require less effort”. We will use this option if at all possible. Expertly applied wood strippers will not cause damage to the wood. Although this is an amazing option for getting your deck spotless, it should not be used by those that have not been trained. This is home maintenance that you want to leave to the professionals because wood strippers can cause harm to your skin if not properly used.

Sanding is the second option and is a very common way to remove the layers of the wood that are stained from leaves. This is a more time-consuming choice but is a very thorough way to get rid of any troublesome spots. Depending on the size of the affected area and the condition of your decking material, your SEAL-A-DECK technician will provide you with the best plan for your particular needs.

The Advantage Plan

We know that regardless of how hard you try, the fall season is rough on your deck and outdoor living space. This is why we offer the Advantage Plan to stay on top of your deck maintenance year-round. Our plan helps keep a professional eye on the condition of your deck at a more affordable price than calling us just when there is trouble. We will do this spot maintenance with our special cleaners, wood brighteners, and wood strippers to make it look as good as new. You will also receive periodic washes without having to stress about it. We will always give you a reminder call to schedule your inspection and we only come when it is convenient for you.

Get Stain Help Today

The technicians at SEAL-A-DECK are committed to keeping your deck looking and performing at its best. Give us a call today at 1-877-SEALADECK to get a free estimate on your leaf stain removal and other maintenance. We service areas across Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and New Hampshire.


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