How to Prepare Your Gates For Snow

As you are preparing your home and deck for the winter weather, don’t forget about your gate(s). SEAL-A-DECK professionals have seen snow damage on gates as well as decks when they’re not properly winterized. If you live in the New England area, you’re familiar with the long-lasting snow and ice that we see. While you’re winterizing your driveway, porch, or deck we recommend taking these few extra steps to ensure your gate makes it through even the harshest of winters.

Remove Debris

Just like any other structure on your property, debris and leaves can cause problems throughout the winter. We suggest that you make sure to rake or leaf blow around your gate and fence because the acidity in leaves can break down your gate’s material. If you make sure to do this a few times before the beginning of the first snowfall, your gate will be in good shape to make it through the winter. This is also an easy way to avoid deck damage.

Grease the Hinges

When the forecast shows ice coming, we also recommend greasing the hinges of your gate. Using a dry lubricant will reduce friction and won’t attract dust and dirt as traditional greases do. Applying grease periodically will protect the functionality of your entire system and preserve its longevity.

Paint If Needed

Depending on the type of gate you have, whether wrought iron or wood, there may be areas that need to be touched up before winter. Any exposed metal may rust when coming into contact with snow over long periods of time. It could happen even through one winter season. If you have natural wood, having sealer applied will substantially prolong its lifespan.


We know that salt works wonders for your driveway, but using it around your gate can cause issues. Our experts always suggest using a plastic edged shovel to remove snow on and around your deck and gate. If you plan on using a chemical deicer, we also recommend buying one that is pet friendly. Not only is it better for your furry friends, but there are also no chemicals in the formula that break down your sealers and other decking materials.

Do Maintenance

Regular maintenance is your best bet when it comes to prevention. When you are doing regular maintenance on your deck, your gates and fences should be evaluated as well. Seasonal services should always be completed on time. Although it may seem like you are spending money more often for these services, you are actually spending less over time than you would if you had to complete extensive repairs. SEAL-A-DECK offers the Advantage Plan to help with the scheduling and budgetary concerns of regular maintenance. This maintenance plan starts at just $249 and includes seasonal maintenance.

Prepare Now

Your gate is exposed to the elements just like any other outdoor feature. The materials of your deck fence and gate also expand and contract with the freeze and thaw cycle. Don’t forget about this important part of your outdoor living area. Give SEAL-A-DECK a call today at 1-877-SEALADECK if you need help preparing for the snow.


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