How to Make Your Deck Flow Seamlessly Into the Yard

No matter how large or small your deck is, a great way to maximize your outdoor living space and give it a cohesive look and feel is by creating a natural flow. Taking the deck out into the backyard can actually expand the usability of the whole outdoor area. Here are some ideas to make your deck flow seamlessly into your yard:

Use multi-levels

An attractive and practical way to transition your deck to the rest of the yard is by using multi-levels. Having several decking layers allows it to step down to the ground level smoothly and seamlessly. Decking levels with wide, gradual steps are great for entertaining and creating different zones. Levels expand the amount of usable space and eliminate the need for a single set of stairs.

Add a patio

Instead of having your deck end at the bottom of the stairs in the grass, add a patio. This increases the amount of living space you’ll have to use throughout the year. It also frees up room on the deck to create different zones. For example, you can set up a grill or outdoor kitchen area on the patio, leaving the deck as an open space, or you can add seating and a table for dining and entertaining. A patio just enhances the flow from the home to the deck to the yard, increasing the overall functionality of your outdoor area.

Expand the steps

Rather than having a small set of narrow stairs that leads down from the deck to the yard, consider expanding the stairs. They can run across the entire perimeter of the deck facing the yard. Wide steps open up the deck and allows for an almost seamless transition into the yard. This also works well if you have an inground pool or a patio, creating an open and inviting look and feel for your whole outdoor area.

Use patio pavers for walkways

Lay down a walkway that flows from the bottom of the deck stairs and out into the rest of the yard using patio pavers. You can make a walkway as wide as you like, creating a smooth access point out onto the lawn. Walkways can really enhance the overall look of your landscaping, making it more inviting. For yards with gardens, gazebos, water features, or fire pits, a walkway is ideal.

Extend with a pergola

A pergola is not only a stunning visual accent, but it can also improve the functionality of your outdoor living space. You can build a pergola just off of the deck to create a shady seating area out in the yard. Pergolas can also be used over features like hot tubs, a patio entertainment area, ponds, delicate landscaping, or walkways.

If you prefer an open and inviting look for your outdoor living space, consider these ideas for giving your deck a seamless flow into the yard. Not only will they enhance the overall appeal of your landscaping, but they’ll also allow you to maximize your usable space. Your deck won’t feel cut off from the rest of your yard, and dining, relaxing, and entertaining outside will be made that much easier.


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