How to Expand Your Outdoor Living Space with Under Deck Dry Spaces

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Did you know that you may have hidden space underneath your two-story deck that can provide you with even more outdoor living options? Many people overlook that the space under your deck can be filled with amazing options such as furniture, cooking area, or entertainment add-ons. SEAL-A-DECK can work with you to build an amazing usable space below your traditional deck. Let’s make the most out of your available outdoor room with a deck dry space.

What is an Under Deck Dry Space?

It doesn’t occur to many that the space under your deck can be used for more than just an open area or storage for lawn tools. This can be transformed into a breathtaking entertainment area or lounge spot for your family. Under deck dry space is just that. We use the floor from the top deck as the roof for the under the deck. It maximizes our space and effort. DrySpace is a name brand for an under deck water management system that allows you to use this space without the worry of the elements. Our construction coupled with the DrySpace system is proven to give you a reliable and beautiful under deck living area.

Ways to Achieve Under Deck Space

There are many ways that we can approach the construction of your under deck outdoor living space. Under deck can be left open or enclosed with its own walls. Under deck spaces are great for the blaring summer sun. If you want to use your backyard and avoid sunburn during the day, but grill dinner and be out in the open at dusk, we can convert your top deck and under deck to serve dual purposes. We can leave the floor of the space below as dirt, or it can even have its own concrete or tile floor. The possibilities truly are endless. And no space is complete without its own lighting, furniture, and treatments. Let’s work together to make this a hidden gem on your property.

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Design Planning

As with any SEAL-A-DECK project, the beginning phases will include a thorough design planning call/meeting with you. Our team wants to make sure that we are delivering what you expect within your budget. This is the step where you will lay out all of the desires you have for this space, as well as discuss any limitations that you or the property may have. This is a collaborative meeting that will completely inform the construction process. Our goal is to make your vision come true with 100% satisfaction.

Let’s Get Started

You don’t have to wait another minute to start expanding your outdoor living space with an under deck dry space. If you have the under-deck space in the New England area, we can transform it into something amazing. Give us a call today at 1-877-SEALADECK to start the process. Our quotes are always free! You can also complete the instant quote form online to cut out any processing time.


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