How to Customize Your Deck While Keeping it Safe This Winter

One of the great things about decks is that even when you want to have them customized you don’t have to lose out on any of its other benefits. SEAL-A-DECK goes beyond the norm to provide safe and beautiful decks to fit any aesthetic. We have provided a lot of different custom options for our clients that remain safe even during the harsh New England winters. Here are some ways to upgrade your deck while keeping it safe and functional during the winter months.

Add Heating

If you want to extend your season and make the most out of your deck well into the winter, we suggest adding a heating feature. There are many heaters on the market that you can install around your deck and you can even purchase some that are portable. If you enjoy more of a natural look to your deck, there is always the option of installing a firepit. Firepits require that your foundation is in the condition to support its extra weight. When you work with a certified and licensed contractor like SEAL-A-DECK you don’t have to worry about poor workmanship. We make sure that your heater or firepit is installed with expert detail.

Have it Enclosed

Dealing with ice and snow all winter can be a nuisance and time-consuming. We have had many customers come to us to enclose their deck so they no longer have to deal with sweeping and shoveling. There are both durable options (that tend to be more expensive) and semi-durable options (more affordable) depending on what your budget is and what you hope to get out of your enclosure. Some of the more flexible options include patio covers, vinyl covers, canopies, and awnings. These can help keep the ice and snow away from your outdoor living area and provide safety from the elements.

Hot Tub Options

Some of the most used customizations we find are hot tub installations. Although there is a lot of planning that goes into a hot tub, you can rest assured that it is a safe option that can be used well into the colder months. Once an evaluation of your deck is done, professionals like SEAL-A-DECK can add any features necessary to help with load-bearing; making it perfectly safe.

Holiday Lighting

Another safe way to customize your deck for the winter holidays is with lighting. We specialize in professional commercial grade holiday lighting installation taking the worry out of doing it yourself. Our in-house designers can completely customize your home’s light and we can include lights for your trees and other shrubberies. You get real peace of mind when using SEAL-A-DECK for holiday lighting because we do all the maintenance and takedown when the time comes.

Make Your Deck Yours

Decks are an amazing option for homeowners that want to make their house feel like a home. Customizing your deck with a reputable contractor will give you all the amenities you’d like without worries about safety. SEAL-A-DECK provides these services across New England. Call us today at 1-877-SEALADECK for a free estimate.


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