How to Close Holes in Your Deck Left by Pools or Hot Tubs

Sometimes at SEAL-A-DECK, our customers all across New England find that a pool or hot tub just is not suitable for their needs anymore. In that case, there are some creative ways to reconstruct the area once those amenities are removed. This allows our in-house designers to get really creative and produce something that fits more of your needs and style. Here are some of the ways to close the holes in your deck left by pools or hot tubs.

Structural Needs

There’s more to your pool or hot tub decking area than just an inlay. When these comforts are installed, they are built in a way that is a lot different from just a typical deck construction. There are foundation considerations that must be made to account for the additional load applied from the weight of a pool or hot tub. Providing a safe substructure is the most important job of a decking contractor. Once it is decided that you no longer wish to have these things on your deck, we can discuss ways to use this substructure to close in the holes in ways that are seamless and practical.

Patching It Up

If you don’t have any particular design wisehs for this new open space, we can simply just fill it in. Depending on your decking material, we have a few options. For wood, we will stagger the joints and new material so that it does not look like a patch. Our crew will also do a thorough sanding to match the color of the boards. If it is a manmade material like PVC, we will match it with the fill-in material and stagger those joints as well. These “patches” will be unnoticeable to the untrained eye and will allow you to use the space that was once taken up by your pool for something that makes it more appropriate to your needs.

Decorative Inlays

Just because you are taking out a deck centerpiece like your hot tub, does not mean that you have to miss having a beautiful view. One option is a decorative area rug made out of composite material. This inlay or rug can be in any linear or blocking pattern that suits your aesthetic. Another way to achieve a decorative inlay is by filling the hole with plants, trees, or even a garden. Using the space that was once occupied for vegetation will also give you a more budget-friendly option for filling in that area.

Making Your Plan

There are options for every pool and hot tub that needs to be removed from a deck. SEAL-A-DECK would like to help you transform your deck as your needs change. We know that your aesthetic and necessities for your living space may change over the lifespan of your deck and we are here to help you over that evolution. Give us a call today at 1-877-SEALADECK to discuss your options. You’ll find out why customers from North Andover to Cape Cod rave about the service they receive with our experienced and talented team.


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