How a Well-Maintained Wood Deck Adds Value to Your Home

Whether your home already has a deck or you’re considering adding one, it’s an excellent way to add value to your property. Keeping it in good shape will allow you to enjoy it for years to come and make it attractive for resale. As with many home improvement projects, consider building a deck not only for the added value but also for your own benefit. With a deck, you’ll have a comfortable place to kick back in the outdoors, right at home.

Enjoy increased living space

The greatest benefit of having a deck is the increase in usable living space. You can take advantage of a comfortable outdoor area for much of the year when you have a well-cared for deck. It’s a spot where you can relax, enjoy dining al fresco, and entertain friends and family. While it’s not officially adding to the square footage of your home, it is providing you with an outdoor area that can be enjoyed in the spring, summer, and fall. Many potential buyers view a well-maintained deck as an attractive bonus.

Consider decking materials

If you’re ready to replace an existing deck that has worn out boards, you may consider different types of decking material. Remodeling Magazine has consistently found that wood decks recoup their value at a much higher percentage than composite decks. However, composite decking material offers several advantages, including less upkeep. Composite decks are lower maintenance, but if resale value is a major factor to consider, you may opt for wood decking.

Know when to make repairs

The key to maintaining the quality and beauty of your home’s wood deck is by keeping up with basic maintenance and repairs. With constant exposure to the elements, wood decks require regular cleaning, replacement of boards and screws, and eventually, redecking. Doing a thorough inspection in the spring and again before the winter can help you catch potential problems and plan the proper repairs.

Don’t let obvious issues go for too long. Take care of any necessary fixes right away to avoid further costly damage. Some deck repairs are also an issue of safety, such as loose railings or stairs. Deck boards that show signs of wood rot can eventually break down, leaving unsightly and unsafe areas. Be proactive about deck repairs by doing an inspection at least once a year.

When to call professionals

A wood deck should be properly maintained in order to protect the structural integrity and visual appeal. While you can handle the regular upkeep on your own, there are also times when it’s best to call in the professionals. Tasks like pressure washing and sealing the deck can be done quickly and correctly by a pro service. It saves you time and hassle and ensures that your deck maintains a beautiful look while being well protected from the elements.


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