Holiday Lighting Services From The Pros

Now is the time to start thinking about the holidays. Whatever year-end celebrations your family observes, SEAL-A-DECK can offer you beautiful lighting options that add that extra special something to your home. If you’re in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, or New Hampshire, our design team can help you create a beautiful light display that is safe and worry-free using only the highest quality of lighting options.

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What to Expect from Professional Holiday Light Application


The great thing about working with SEAL-A-DECK for your holiday lighting needs is that we have an in-house design team that works with each customer’s aesthetic. The design process always starts with an in-person meeting to walk through your property to see exactly where you’d like the lighting hung and how we can achieve that goal. We especially like it when our customers come with ideas and questions so that we can work collaboratively to give you exactly what you want. We can provide you with a sketch via our design software so that you’re able to see exactly what your lighting will look like as a completed project.


Another perk to leaving your holiday lighting needs up to the professionals is that the installation is all on us. No more spending your weekend meticulously hanging strand after strand with the hopes that it looks as you imagined it. SEAL-A-DECK takes all the guesswork out of beautiful holiday lighting. We can add lights to your home, deck, and even trees. The possibilities are truly endless when it comes to light application. We also make sure to schedule your installation with your schedule to make it as easy as possible for you.


Despite the quality of the lighting products that you use, there’s bound to be required maintenance over the weeks or months that they are in use. This can be a hassle for customers that choose to do it themselves. Finding and repairing the issues with your lights can be a lengthy process that most people don’t want to deal with. Our goal is to offer proactive maintenance for as long as you have your lights up. If something begins to fall or bulbs burn out, we will fix those issues for free. This is a no-hassle maintenance plan that guards your investment.


When you are ready to take down your lights for the season, the SEAL-A-DECK team will schedule a time to remove them. Oftentimes after the holidays, you are tired with no desire to deal with decorations. We take the stress out of this step and will even label and securely store the lights wherever you would like in your home. We offer these services every year so you never again have to worry about it.

Light Up Your Home

Holiday light set up and tack down does not have to be complicated. You deserve to be able to enjoy the time with your family during the holidays making memories instead of hanging, repairing, and removing lights. It is never too early to think about holiday lighting for your home, so give us a call today at 1-877-SEALADECK to schedule a design appointment. Estimates are free and we will make sure your home is beautiful for the holidays.


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