Great Decks, Great Marinades

This summer, Seal A Deck is bringing you some flavorful ideas to enjoy with on your deck with family and friends. In keeping with this theme, we are bringing you some information on a very important topic: marinades.

Marinades are the superpower of summer grilling. Marinades allow you to give meat and vegetables any kind of delicious flavor, depending on the mood of your get-together or the other dishes you’re serving. Homemade marinades are great for creative types who love to experiment with different flavor combinations for meat, seafood, and vegetables. We’ve compiled a simple step-by-step guide to making your own olive oil marinade at home that will add a burst of delicious flavor to anything on the grill!

This is the important formula to remember when putting together your marinade:

Olive Oil + acid + garlic + fresh herbs

raw meat in a green marinade
raw meat in a green marinade

Olive oil is a great starter for marinades because of its flavor. Extra virgin olive oil is the way to go; don’t be afraid to buy that expensive oil. Remember, you’re purchasing for flavor. Start out with half a cup. As far as garlic goes, try not to use garlic powder. The oils in the whole clove add to additional body to your marinade. Don’t mince them, but do crush them.


Your acid can be any kitchen acid like a balsamic or an apple cider vinegar, or a fresh citrus acid from a lemon or lime. Balsamic vinegar makes a wonderful marinade with a Mediterranean feel; pair this with some tomato kebabs and chicken. If you have fresh lemons, use a little bit more juice. Make sure you strain the juice well. Taste before you marinate - the key is to find a balance of flavors akin to a good salad dressing.


This is where those of you with window boxes and potted herb gardens can really shine! Fresh herbs add a beautiful, savory flavor to your marinade. You can use dried herbs in a pinch, but fresh is preferable. Basil, cilantro, sage, and mint are all popular choices. Coarsely chop your ingredients and toss them in.

Some experts say to blend your marinade; if you do not have a blender at hand, you can muddle your ingredients together. Here’s a handy guide for how long to marinate different types of food:

Fear not - if you don’t have enough time to make the minimum, do as much as you can. A little flavor goes a long way!


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